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Chemicals, football – everything moves East

Premiership football is an international business and an international language. As UK travellers know, even where English isn’t spoken, the names of our top players are known and exalted.   From waiters in Tehran to cab drivers in Shanghai, reciting the names of players along with appropriate hand gestures is what passes for declarations of […]

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Shiner Happy People

The leading lights from the European chapter of ICIS news – Lewis, Nigel, Graeme – took to the road to drive from Houston to San Antonio on Saturday afternoon.   Says Lewis: “On our journey from Houston to San Antonio we made the difficult to decision to drive a few extra miles to the Spoetzl […]

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Weight gain and business travel

It starts at the airport with the comforting cappuccino and the plateful of dinky little mini-croissants and pains au chocolat, because after all it was such an early start and there wasn’t time for breakfast at home. Then there are the long hours of forced meals and zero exercise on board the plane. Then the […]

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The lure of a Hawaiian conference

Our Houston pricing editors were enthralled to receive a last-minute press release from BASF inviting them to this week’s World Brewing Congress at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, where the chemicals major would be showcasing some new filtration products.

My colleague Stephen Burns in Houston tells me that despite the short notice, editors were passionately keen to transmute their experience of the subject matter into a Hawaian business trip.

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Blog Beer Watch: Do Try This At Home

One Blog reader has sent me this video of what to do with your leftover bottles – it’s ideal for those of you with children, or adults, still at home for the school holidays.The Blog Beer Watch campaign has been picking up supporters over the festive season. Sightings of plastic bottles in new applications have […]

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Beer in plastics – is this the future?

Draught beer poured forth from a Carlsberg keg lined with a vacuum-packed plastic bag at a barbecue last weekend. I watched as the empty “DraughtMaster” keg was refilled with another plastic pouch after the thirsty guests had finished the first five litres. Is this a major advance in polymer technology? “Plastic beer bottles are the […]

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