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EPCA Berlin 2009 – clash with German national holiday

EPCA 2009 in Berlin will clash with Germany’s “Day of German Unity” national holiday, and hotel rooms are already commanding a premium one year ahead of the event.   The annual conference of the European Petrochemical Association will be held on 3-7 October 2009, coinciding with the celebration of German reunification, which is on 3 October […]

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The right image for the recession

The soundbite of former Lehman’s boss Fuld being grilled by a US congressional committee about his beachfront home and multi-million dollar art collection made for great radio this morning.    On BBC Radio 4′s Today programme on my drive in, you got the full contempt in the voice of Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight and Governmental Reform Comittee, as he […]

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The Monte Carlo years are over

So it looks like it’s true. As the Blog reported here in June, EPCA is to abandon Monte Carlo, never to return. Next year it’s in Berlin, and in 2010 it’s Vienna, and after that it will not be coming back, one board member told industry players on the sidelines at the conference.

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Have suit, will travel

But I’m not sure I believe in the all-casual theory of American conferences. It’s definitely all suits at the NECA Winter Meeting in New York. And although most of the suits at the annual NPRA conference in San Antonio are sported by Asians and Europeans, I’m sure I’ve spotted a few suited-and-booted Americans too. If you’ve scaled back your wardrobe to just one suit, there’s a lot of pre-conference pressure to fit into it. And it seems a bit rash to be stuck with just one suit for both meeting and eating. What if you spill egg down the front? What if you are caught in the torrential downpours which are so much a feature of Monte Carlo conferences?

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Kofi Annan to speak at EPCA Luncheon

Kofi Annan is to speak at the closing lunch at EPCA on Tuesday 30 September. At least one trader was overwhelmed by the enormity of this at last week’s EPL in Lisbon, so I think it would be fair to say that tickets will be selling fast. I hope the logistics involved in serving lunch in the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo will be more efficient than those at the closing lunch at last year’s EPCA in Berlin, when my table had to sit through the proceedings without a scrap to eat. The Blog’s advice is that if you don’t want to hear Mr Annan’s speech on an empty stomach, pick up a pain au chocolat on your way there.

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Video Review: Stephen’s take on EPCA 07 in Berlin

Remember EPCA Berlin in September? Here’s a little something to jog your memory. Stephen Burns in our Houston office has sent me this link to his personal video view of the city at conference time. The music really makes it.

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EPCA – the dance is over

EPCA 2007 has come to an end. The dance is over. Dustballs blow through the deserted lobby of the Berlin Interconti, and the Blog has returned home to catch up on sleep and compare notes. How was it for you? Do you have any idea who all those business cards were from? Are you facing […]

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I thought I was going to get the rubber glove

It was one of those moments of irrational guilt (writes Simon Robinson). I hadn’t done anything wrong, but a man with an impressive moustache, and wearing a uniform, asked if I could follow him through a door marked private. If I’d been at one of East Berlin’s more broad minded clubs in the evening after […]

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Ah Lunch!

Ah Lunch!Just what the discerning blogger likes to sit down to at lunchtime. Prima!I bought this very nice meal here.View Larger Map

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Caroline’s forest adventure at EPCA

My fellow blogger Caroline tells her conference story… It didn’t come as a great surprise (she writes) that wearing stiletto heels and walking through mud was a bad combination. I was being taken out to a fancy lunch by a contact when this unfortunate pairing occurred. Our first hurdle was the Berlin marathon. Thousands of […]

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