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Cracked cycle helmets cause a stink

Cyclists and skiers know they have to replace their helmets if they drop them. Now polymer materials can be produced which start to smell if they develop small cracks. The larger the crack, the stronger the stink, according to this article on sciencecentric.com. The smell is released when tiny capsules in the plastic break.   […]

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Biking with Repsol in California

You can’t get away from chemicals on holiday – the US Grand Prix in Monterey, California was where ICIS aromatics editor Madelon ten Cate found herself during her tour of the US West Coast in July, surrounded by the paraphernalia of the sponsor, Spanish oil and chemicals major Repsol.   The Laguna Seca circuit was […]

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Halloween commuting in Houston

As Halloween madness sweeps America, one scary commuter heads for the ICIS Houston office.

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Houston Chemical Bikers

Houston is a city built round the car, but it is not a welcoming place for a visiting driver from the UK straight off the ten-hour flight. The driving on the left I can handle, sort of, but what’s this with “right hand lane must exit” and flash floods on the road from the airport? […]

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