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Bio-based Chemical Roundtable

A high level discussion on the issues facing the bio-based economy took place in Amsterdam on Friday, chaired by the Blog’s ICIS colleague John Baker. He reports back that it was lively and well-attended, with all the participants turning, up, which is not always the case.   Says John: “It was held in association with […]

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Drunk oil trader joins Starsupply

The drunken oil trader who lost his employer $10 million in a binge of unauthorized trading (see original ICIS news article) was back in the news this week as he had his day in court. Steve Perkins, formerly of PVM Oil Futures, was fined £72,000 by the Financial Services Authority, but what caught the Blog’s […]

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Let’s get collocating – conferences fight back

Cutbacks in business travel are reducing the numbers of delegates signing up for conferences, exhibitions and seminars, leading organisers to embrace all manner of imaginative solutions. My Houston colleague Stephen has sent me an e-mailshot from one organiser which has “collocated” three similarly themed events in one place – in Denver, Colorado on 14-18 June 2009. […]

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Top Chemical Adverts No. 6 – BP at Heathrow

I’ve just seen these BP billboard ads all over London‘s Heathrow airport.   Click here to view the campaign.   It seems that the campaign has also won Greenpeace’s Emerald Paintbrush Award, and that Greenpeace has created its own spoof advert:  

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Maximum exposure on TV and radio for ICIS and Heren

There was great excitement in the ICIS pricing editorial office in London this afternoon as Fiona Bond was whisked away to the Al Jazeera studio to give her views on the biofuels market. In fact, Monday was an epic day for ICIS in the media. Not only was Fiona interviewed on Al Jazeera TV’s “News Hour”, at 7.30 pm UK time, but ICIS Heren’s Louise Boddy was also on BBC Radio 4’s “PM” top evening news programme at 5.35 pm. Louise was interviewed on the implications of the closure of the Forties Pipeline, due to the Grangemouth dispute.

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Biology will replace the petrochemical industry

US scientist Craig Venter believes he is close to creating synthetic life through artificial genomes, and that this will eventually provide the fuels of the future, he said this morning on BBC radio, after publishing a paper yesterday in Science. “The entire petrochemical industry including fuels has the potential to be replaced by biology. In […]

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