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My Blackberry is not working

Ronnie Corbett is funny in this sketch in a greengrocer’s about his Blackberry and his Apple, and you’ll have a good groan at the gag at the end. Thanks to Julia for spotting this clip from the ”The One Ronnie Xmas Special.”   

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All aboard for EPCA Budapest

A broken Blackberry, rain, our flight delayed by one hour, and a sprained thumb – this is not a good start. But the morning improves markedly when I meet up at the airport with another EPCA traveller who has been drinking for ten hours on the transatlantic flight and generously re-gifts me his freebie blanket […]

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Palm versus Blackberry – no contest

Does anyone in the chemical industry still have a Palm? There was a year in the mid-1990s when a few traders were showing them around, but now the Blackberry has dominated the petchem landscape.   Palm is struggling to survive, after its first quarter sales of Palm Pre and Palm Pixi were less than half […]

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Get yourself a Lego Blackberry

The idea of a Lego Blackberry somehow symbolises the petrochemical trading life, combining both the perfect petrochemical toy and the industry’s preferred means of communication.   Now Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has been commissioned to produce a replica of RIM’s Blackberry Tour. It was a challenge to build one with a screen that really worked, […]

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The secrets in your mobile phone

Your mobile phone or Blackberry knows everything about you – your friends, your movements, your location, the entire history of your communications – and with just a little bit of encouragement, is prepared to reveal it all.   There are already companies which specialise in cellphone forensic analysis for police forces, private companies and individuals […]

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Top 10 Disadvantages of Teleworking

  The advantages of working from home are well known and so frequently mentioned as “the new and coming thing” that I am heartily bored with the subject.   I have to declare an interest – I worked from home in Devon for seven years in the late 80s and early 90s, when it really […]

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Gadgets at EPCA

What will be the new gadgets at EPCA? Is the Blackberry old hat? Who will be the first of the chemicals crowd to sport the new iPhone? And, the question on everyone’s lips, what will be this year’s giveaway in the ICIS suite? If you’ve already collected the ICIS-logoed silver mouse, the pens, the furry […]

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