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Pensioner’s plastic-pipe raft Atlantic crossing greeted with derision

The 84 year-old former science writer of the Daily Telegraph is crossing the Atlantic with a bunch of chums on a raft made of plastic pipes, and coming in for some serious abuse from the columns of Lloyds List.   Anthony Smith shows a reckless cheerfulness at the prospect of hurricanes and freak waves over […]

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My Top 10 Posts of 2010

These were my most read posts of 2010. What does it say about the Blog’s readers? They like movies, toys, travel, fashion, who’s who corporate moves and advance news about who’s attending conferences. No big surprises there.   1 Houston location for Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart – ICIS Chemicals Confidential Why didn’t Houston look […]

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On official photos

I come across the US refinery propylene guys including our esteemed NPRA chairman of the IPC program committee, Jerry C and the spiky but boyish Jim McL lounging in the Marriott Riverwalk lobby late on Monday night, sporting some colourful off-duty leisure wear.   They are passing around a cruelly cropped photo of Ish, and […]

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Resisting the lure of the future

Does anyone really keep the contact details of all their business partners in a pile of business cards? Can there be anyone left in our great metropolises who has not seen an iPhone? Yes there can and it is our own low-tech blogger, John Richardson, who proudly lays claim to his Grumpy Old Man status […]

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Chemical bloggers frolicking in the snow

Having sat in traffic for two-and-a-half hours due to heavy snow in London this morning, I am happy to see photos of my fellow chemical bloggers frolicking in the snow, no doubt over the weekend.   Paul Hodges of the “Chemicals and the Economy” Blog toboganning on Hampstead Heath, and click here for Will Beacham of “Looking […]

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Battle of the Blogs

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in the world of chemical blogging.   Over dinner at the Aromatics Conference in Amsterdam last week, my friend John Keeley of International e-Chem told me that he had been approached by a rival chemical publication to write a blog for its own website.   John, who is enjoying […]

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Two Stuart Goldsmiths, Two John Richardsons

I had to laugh yesterday when I saw a leaflet for a local stand-up comedy gig starring an up-and-coming comedian called Stuart Goldsmith. Just why it should be so amusing to picture olefins trader Stuart Goldsmith as a stand-up comedian is hard to explain to those readers who don’t know him.   I remember being […]

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Late night Chemicals and the Economy

Economic guru Paul Hodges would never be so vain as to put a photo of himself on his esteemed blog. So for readers who occasionally flip across to Chemicals and the Economy and were concerned that they were taking economic advice from a cartoon character, here he is at the EPCA opening reception, deep in discussion about […]

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