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Comments are a private matter

Friendly or informative comments on the Bloghave always been welcome, so it is a matter of some disappointment that thecommenting function on the ICIS blogs has been switched off. It seems that theservers were being swamped with spam. If you would like to post a comment on aposting, you can take the alternative route and […]

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MOVES: Simon Robinson to Estates Gazette

My blogging mentor, Simon Robinson, is moving from ICIS to Estates Gazette. He will be on a six month secondment from April 2011.   Simon, whose Big Biofuels Blog and regular podcasts are well known to readers, will be developing similar social media in his new role at Reed Business Information’s property publication.

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The Blog celebrates 3 triumphant years

It’s 24 September and you know what that means. Happy 3rd Birthday to the Blog!   I can hardly believe I’ve got away with it this long.   That’s a total of 976 postings.   If I had devoted that much early morning time to something useful like learning Mandarin or getting a flat stomach, I’d […]

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The Bloggers Blogged

(Tuesday) After the first day of ICIS Training in London, we took the scenic walk down the river from Hammersmith Bridge, past the boathouses and pretty waterside pubs, stopping for dinner at the Dove.   The evening had been billed as a Blogging Summit, since it was fortuitous that the training event had brought together […]

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Budgeting for a New Normal: Hodges

I’ve just seen that thousands of readers have downloaded my fellow blogger Paul Hodges’ white paper Budgeting for a New Normal. This triumph has brought in a lot of new readers to the ICIS blogs, and I congratulate Paul on his success. Click through to his blog to download it free.

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Escape from Blog Humiliation

The ICIS blogs managed to avoid total shame and humiliation this week when they were not included in a Times article highlighting the very worst of management blogs.   Quoting from some utterly cringe worthy recent postings, Sathnam Sanghera in the “Business Life” column singled out for ridicule such gems as:   One writer who uses […]

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air asia wedding photo Flight.jpg

Wedding Photos at Airport

Anyone with Asian connections will know all about the cult of pre-wedding photos in exotic and luxurious locations, but one couple has chosen to make theirs unique by having them taken at AirAsia’s low-cost terminal in Kuala Lumpur.     The Blog is full of admiration at this scoop by fellow blogger Barbara Cockburn on Flight, […]

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The Blog is 2 Years Old

The ICIS Chemicals Confidential blog is two years old today. Like many difficult toddlers hitting the Terrible Twos, it is now moving into the difficult phase for blogs, where many just give up.   So many links to postings on other sites lead to defunct blogs, where the blogger just ran out of enthusiasm after […]

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Polymer prices – now with added Africa

Want to know the price of polyethylene in Senegal, Nigeria or South Africa? Then look no further. ICIS pricing has two new weekly reports on Polymers in Africa. Read my colleague Will Beacham on his new secret Blog on the subject. Also with link to FREE samples of the reports themselves. (photo details) 

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Flaming Red, White and Blue Shooter Recipe

  (photo: Anne Marie Helmenstein/About.com:Chemistry)   On the occasion of 4th July, the Blog has found this flaming red, white and blue shooter which is an example of a classic chemistry experiment, the density column, in Anne Marie’s Chemistry Blog on the About.com:Chemistry website.

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