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Terrorist link to bottled water

Seeing a Baader-Meinhof terrorist entering court clutching a PET bottle, in a photo in today’s Independent, reminded the Blog that carrying a plastic bottle around all day has one key advantage: protection from malicious poisoning.   No doubt Ms Verena Becker, formerly of the Red Army Faction (which started as the Baader-Meinhof gang), chose to […]

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The French shun bottled water

As the anti bottled-water movement grows more vociferous in Europe and the US, there are signs that even the French are moving away from their dependency on Badoit, Evian and Vittel. More than two thirds of French people now regularly drink tap water compared with 59% five years ago, according to an article in the Times.

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Revenge of the Tap Water

Across Europe, restaurant diners are baulking at the exorbitant and unnecessary expense of bottled water. Office workers have tap water filtered through water coolers. And Friends of the Earth tells us that the single most effective act that individuals can do to improve the environment is to stop drinking bottled water. What will this mean for the petrochemical industry, where polyethylene and PET bottles are significant drivers of demand?

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