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Plastic bottles bring light to Philippine slums

A plastic bottle filled with water can become a source of lighting for slum homes in the Philippines, according to this video article on the BBC.   Recycling empty polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles by filling them with water and a drop of bleach, to prevent algae, creating a metal collar and inserting them in the […]

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Milk dispensers pose threat to plastic bottles

Milk could soon be sold from supermarket dispensers instead of plastic bottles, according to refill technology manufacturer Eziserv quoted in this week’s issue of The Grocer.   Eziserv, which supplied refill technology to UK supermarket chain Asda in a trial for dispensing detergents, has been in discussions about modifying the same system to dispense milk. […]

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Volvic sugarcane waste PET bottle

Paying for bottled water in a country where the tapwater is perfectly drinkable still makes the Blog grind its teeth in irritation. So for UK folk who insist on carrying water around in case they expire from dehydration while out on a stroll in our cool and rainy climate, there is good news that Volvic […]

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Why are Brits rubbish at recycling?

Why are Brits rubbish at recycling? As I danced down the stairs on Saturday morning with another couple of bin bags full of rubbish, I asked myself why we Brits are so bad at recycling? I’m not a bad person but it just never occurs to me to put my empty bottles in a box and take them to the skip by the station. When I’ve just finished reading the hefty Sunday papers it never dawns on me to fold them up and separate them from the rest of my detritus.

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