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BP – from British to Bolshoi to Bolshevik

BP’s deal with Rosneft, the Russian state oil company, has come in for a predictable backlash in the US. The company which was regularly referred to during the US Gulf Macondo disaster as “British Petroleum” is now being called “Bolshoi Petroleum.”   In Saturday’s papers, the US press was quoted calling BP “Bolshevik Petroleum.” And […]

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My Top 10 Posts of 2010

These were my most read posts of 2010. What does it say about the Blog’s readers? They like movies, toys, travel, fashion, who’s who corporate moves and advance news about who’s attending conferences. No big surprises there.   1 Houston location for Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart – ICIS Chemicals Confidential Why didn’t Houston look […]

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TRADER MOVES: David Corthorn to Accenture, Australia

David Corthorn has moved to a new position as Senior Manager – Commodity Trading & Risk Management Services at Accenture, based in Sydney, Australia, he announced on Thursday.   Corthorn was previously with RBS Sempra Commodities in London, although the Blog originally came across him at BP.   He has kindly emailed me this link […]

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BP and the Romantics – Oil company sponsors arts

  Complaints about BP being allowed to sponsor the arts seem to have disappeared in an oily haze. In fact the whole subject has gone dead.   It’s another win-win arts sponsorship deal for BP and Tate Britain‘s current “Romantics” exhibition. BP gets the exposure as a philanthropical organisation, and London gets a world-class nine-room […]

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Old BP board game uncovered

An old board game called BP Offshore Oil Strike from the early 1970s has been uncovered at a UK toy museum, and is getting lots of coverage on news websites like Metro for its “eerie foreshadowing of the current oil disaster.”   In fact, it’s a board game along the lines of Monopoly or Risk, where players […]

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BP out of gas joke

Most of the humour going around this week is either off-topic (the England football team, the missing cat) or unsuitable for publication in a corporate blog (plenty of online jibes about the Gulf oil slick), so thanks to Janet for a oil-and-gas related joke from a more benign time …   Click here for “Out […]

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Movable Oil Spill – “If It Was My Home”

There’s a website where you can move the Gulf oil spill around the world, so that you can visualise the size of it over a part of the world you recognise. The Times yesterday had it over the whole of southeast England. Here it is over Paris. The website is called “If It Was My […]

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BP calls Kevin Costner to clean up oil spill

Kevin Costner, star of Waterworld and other epics, has been called in by BP to help clean up the oil disaster in the US Gulf. Costner has patented a stainless steel device called the Ocean Therapy which cleans oil from tainted seawater. The actor has spent 15 years and $26m on developing the machine which […]

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BP oil disaster – chemicals to the rescue

Reading day after day about the devastation caused by the BP oil spill in the US Gulf, am I the only chemical obsessive wondering what “dispersants” these are, being used on the oil slick, and what “detergents” these are, being use to clean up the seabirds?   Maybe there’s an idea for a Mr Nice/Mr […]

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TRADER MOVES: Corthorn sets up Corardor to trade/broke petchems

Trader David Corthorn has set up an independent trading and broking house called Corardor, he told the Blog on Thursday.   Corthorn, previously with BP, Masefield and RBS Sempra, will be involved in the trade, consultancy and brokerage of petchems and light oil products, and is planning to move with his family to Australia, he […]

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