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Brad Pitt filming at Grangemouth petchem plant

Brad Pitt is filming at the Grangemouth petrochemical plant in Scotland, the Blog reads with disbelief in today’s Scotsman.   After bringing Glasgow to a halt last week, the film crew for the zombie film “World War Z” moved on 22 August to the industrial landscape of Grangemouth on the east coast of Scotland, on […]

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On feats of memory and Brad Pitt

Performing a one-hour monologue always strikes me as an impressive feat. Whether it is a comedy stand-up routine, a play, a political speech or a lecture, the Blog is always impressed with the feat of memory. Especially when it is a well-known text like a theatre classic, where the audience knows it well, so it […]

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Brad Pitt ‘split from Jennifer Aniston because of chemicals’

Brad Pitt was destined to separate from Jennifer Aniston and take up with Angelina Jolie because of chemicals, a scientist has claimed. Thanks to Mark W and Madelon for spotting this one for the Blog.

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