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Fire resistant workwear for petchem plants – BA film

  This trailer was running on the on-demand film system on a recent flight. It is for the British Airways Face-To-Face scheme, which helps small businesses in America by giving them free flights, and shows one of the success stories, Benchmark Clothing.   The company is owned by married couple John and Erin O’Sullivan who […]

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BA strike fears sweep UK petchem folk

The planned British Airways strike at the end of March is galvanising UK petchem folk into booking up alternative flights to and from NPRA. With the strike set for 20-22 March and 27-30 March (inclusive), it couldn’t be worse timing for conference-goers planning to get from London Heathrow to Houston on their way to NPRA’s IPC […]

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First Class Flights – Eastbound Only

Some of the airlines most frequented by European petchem business travellers have decided to axe First Class on their services in and around Europe, according to this article in the Times which I read during the holidays.   Not that this is any great loss to most corporate middle-management travellers, who have never paid to […]

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Scary hotel minibars

The mystery of the hotel minibar has long been a conversation point at industry conferences. Delegates who move the minibar contents around in the search for a midnight swig of mineral water are often found at hotel reception desks expressing their outrage when they are billed for numerous miniatures of hard liquor, due to the […]

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No ashtray, no flight

A story in today’s Times amusingly titled “No smoke without ire,” about a flight from Heathrow delayed in take-off due to a missing ashtray, reminded me of my own infuriating “Diary of a Flight to Amsterdam.” I bet the “unspecified piece of equipment” there was an ashtray too.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–After the Houston flight has taken off, a courteous and deferential flight attendant makes the mistake of choosing me to fill in the randomly distributed BA customer satisfaction questionnaire. Yes me, with my already well-formed opinions of BA terminals, customer service, queuing, cabin temperature and food, and then hours of flight ahead […]

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Big suitcases and guns – more business travel costs

As if it wasn’t already difficult enough for UK petchem travellers to decide what to pack for NPRA in San Antonio next week. By the time they’ve packed businesswear, business casual, ties, mandarin collar jackets, warm weather clothes and wet weather clothes, they’ll be needing a monster suitcase. So now imagine my horror on reading this warning from […]

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Danger: Manflu

This made me laugh in the BA “Business Life” magazine (p26) on the flight back from Amsterdam last night.   “Datawatch: Women’s sympathy with husbands and boyfriends who complain of having a cold runs out after five minutes. A fifth say they feel no sympathy at all. Source: Lemsip.”    

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Oil and chemical execs in plane-crash team-building

Oil and chemical company executives are amongst those who are taking part in team-building exercises run by British Airways where they experience a simulated plane crash in a hangar at Heathrow. In a smoke-filled Boeing 737 they fight their way to freedom. The courses are so popular that BA has taken more than 350 bookings […]

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Where to eat in New York c/o BA

Looking for a bargain hotel and good food in New York? Visitors to the December ICIS Baseoils conference and the NECA Winter Meeting won’t have to compete this year for room space with last year’s hordes of British shoppers flaunting their two dollars to the pound.   With the pound down around $1.60, impoverished UK […]

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