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Sunrise over Heathrow

Thegood thing about a business day trip from Londonto mainland Europe is that you can travelultra-light. Just a presentation on a memory stick and some business cards andyou are done. Itis an early start, but the backroads to Heathrow are bright with cherryblossom, forsythia and magnolia. Mist is coming off the agricultural fields aroundSunbury. Closer […]

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The Guard – and a good cinema

Contains very strong language, strong violence, sex references and drug use, said the warning on the cinema website. I didn’t think that sounded like my kind of film, but “The Guard” is very funny and even quite touching. It is a story about an Irish village cop and a straight-laced FBI agent, and their fight […]

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Fire resistant workwear for petchem plants – BA film

  This trailer was running on the on-demand film system on a recent flight. It is for the British Airways Face-To-Face scheme, which helps small businesses in America by giving them free flights, and shows one of the success stories, Benchmark Clothing.   The company is owned by married couple John and Erin O’Sullivan who […]

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How to lose that post-EPCA weight, by Caroline Murray

Caroline Murray, senior editor at ICIS, has returned from the GSI PET Day in Florence with this tale to tell …   I know when I have had a good networking session at EPCA when I am forced to add ‘hold belly in for donning of suit’ to the to-do list. As if ‘maintain appearance […]

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Travel to China from London by train in 2 days

Can you imagine taking a two-day train ride from Shanghai to London? Or Singapore to London? What a fantastic trip that would be, and irresistible to all those European petchem travellers to the Asian business hubs. I just can’t wait.   My eye was caught by an inspirational map of the proposed high speed rail […]

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Burns returns to Houston in triumph

  The Aussie managing editor of ICIS Houston, Stephen Burns, was welcomed back to the heart of his team today after a brief trip over the border to renew his visa.

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No more US green visa waiver forms

European travellers to the US no longer have to fill in the green visa waiver form – just the ESTA form online and the blue customs form on the plane. Apparently the green immigration form expired quietly in early July 2010.  It took the cabin crew some time to explain this to those of us […]

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On Afghan taxi drivers

Even taxi firms have CRM systems now, I am impressed to find when I have to call my number two local firm because my usual one can’t oblige. They have caller ID, call me by name, remember my address and when I get into the car, the driver asks if I would like to listen […]

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Four Things I Hate About Flying

It’s not that I’m a grumpy traveller, but there are some things which I just hate about long-haul flights …   1 The way they switch the lights out at 3pm, everyone dons eyeshades and is instantly asleep, and I’m the only one awake all through the fake night.   2 The one film I […]

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Jokes about volcanic ash cloud

It’s not going to be very funny for those ICIS editors and petchem folk still stranded away from home, but my colleague Frank in Houston has spotted these jokes on MSNBC about the volcanic eruption …   “The last wish of the Icelandic economy was to have its ashes scattered over Europe.”“Icelandic taxpayer to Britons and […]

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