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Images to remember – Aromatics Conference 2011

At my table at lunch on Wednesday we were discussing a particular slide in a presentation that morning. One delegate said that a year on, that would be the one thing we would remember of the conference.   It is true that visual images have an enduring quality, and that is what makes them so […]

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Play-Doh car sculpture in London

This Play-Doh sculpture of the new Chevrolet Orlando, parked in central London, caught my eye in last night’s Evening Standard. The bright blue car is the world’s biggest Play-Doh model and is built as a PR stunt to grab the attention of family folk who might be in the market for a family-friendly car. It […]

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T25 car.jpg

T25 supermini car made from recycled plastic bottles

Clive was pushing his baby daughter past the vegetable counter when I bumped into him at the weekend. I didn’t know he’d had a baby. “Yes,” he said. “The baby was born in the car on the way to Kingston hospital. It was in the local papers.” Clive used to work at ICIS, and we […]

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Henkel files suit against Formula One team Brawn GP

German adhesives and soap maker Henkel filed suit last month against Formula One team Brawn GP over an incident in which a former employee signed a €90 million ($132 million) Formula One sponsoring contract without authorisation, according to this article on Reuters today.   Henkel rejected on Monday any responsibility for the sponsoring contract, having […]

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Dubai jokes

Dubai is a popular destination for western petrochemical people who want to visit the Middle East but stay within their comfort zone.   It is often referred to as Middle East-lite, in the same way that Singapore is Asia-lite, Capetown is Africa-lite and Buenos Aires is South America-lite.   The Dubai debt crisis is unlikely […]

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alonso British Grand Prix 2009 IMG_5896.JPG

Chemicals in Formula One racing

The Blog traded free tickets to the Goodwood Festival of Speed with Max Kingsley Jones, editor of  Commercial Aviation, in return for this posting on chemicals in Formula One racing …   It may be a surprise to hear that among the many varied roles found within a Formula 1 Grand Prix racing team, there […]

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Berlin EPCA – the longest journey begins with just a small step

Banished from the BA lounge since June when my silver card membership expired because I had done too little longhaul travel in this year of recession, I’ve been roaming around Heathrow Terminal 5, trying on perfume here, buying euros there, avoiding the free snifters of Scotch which at 7.00 am would be a very bad start […]

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Multitasking behind the wheel with cellphone and laptop

Executives from chemical and fertilizer company Potash Corporation have been profiled in the New York Times in an article (with helpful video footage) which describes the way they multitask behind the wheel. Shocking though it seems to Europeans, using your cellphone and laptop, often both together, while driving is entirely legal in the US.   […]

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Scratches in car paintwork disappear with new PU-paint

Scientists have developed a new self-repairing car paint based on polyurethane which mends itself in less than an hour when exposed to sunlight, according to this article today.   (Image from Daily Mail)

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Two vehicles for the price of one

The designer of this new motorhome-citycar-combo hopes that “the sleek curves will appeal to women buyers.” It’s appealing to me already, but I’m not sure how good those swathes of shiny white glass-reinforced plastics (GRP) will look when they have been parked under the lime trees outside chez Blog. Designed for these economy-minded times, the […]

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