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Floggers Lunch date set for 4 May 2011

The Floggers Lunch will be held on 4 May 2011, the Chemical Business Association announced by email to members today.   The annual gathering of everyone who is anyone in UK chemicals is always held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on the first Wednesday in May, just when it is getting warm enough to stand around […]

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PHOTOS: The CBA’s annual Floggers Luncheon

Relive some of the highlights of the Chemical Business Association’s 87th annual Floggers Luncheon, with these “before” photos.   The event, held on Wednesday 28 April 2010 at London‘s Grosvenor House, attracted 1,035 guests, 180 more than last year, the organisers tell me.   After months of rising chemical prices, it’s obvious the mood was […]

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From ICIS Training to Floggers

(Wednesday) I thought it was crazy putting the London ICIS Training on the same day as Floggers, but sure enough the training was a runaway success, so what do I know? For Day Two, the Advanced course, we were sold out, and there was obviously no crossover with the Floggers crowd who were already getting […]

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Floggers: high spirits despite downturn and health scare

It may turn out that the timing of Floggers was fortunate, because although everyone was joking about swine flu, they were still hugging and (social) kissing with abandon, and no-one had yet started to think about avoiding mass gatherings. Particularly gatherings on their own turf, and which couldn’t really be classed as business travel.   […]

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Floggers guest speaker Ann Widdecombe

Excitement is mounting ahead of next week’s Floggers lunch in London, where flamboyant Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe is set to be the after-lunch speaker.   The annual lunch of the Chemical Business Association (CBA) on Wednesday 29 April will be held as always in the Great Room of the Grosvenor House hotel on Park Lane, and […]

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Floggers Luncheon hits London

It’s Floggers today, the annual lunch for everyone who flogs chemicals in the UK. All the main distributors take tables at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s Park Lane and invite their suppliers, customers and friends for a day long celebration of the selling of chemicals.

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Sisters are doing it in chemicals

You only have to look around an EPCA conference session or an EPL dinner to see that it’s a male-dominated industry but for all the years I’ve been going to these events, there have always been plenty of women around. At the last EPL (European Petrochemical Luncheon) in Bratislava, Slovakia, there were 24 women out […]

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