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INEOS’s Gordon Adams on charity bike ride

Gordon Adams of INEOS is currently gearing up for a 1,000 mile cycle ride from the southernmost tip of England to the northernmost tip of Scotland to raise money for Cancer Research.   Adams, business manager butadiene and C4s at INEOS, is pictured here in the yellow top with his friend Rob, also taking part […]

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The Blog goes Boxing

When I told my colleagues I was going to a boxing match last week they were incredulous.   “So you like watching sweaty men beating each other to a pulp,” said one.   “You’re turning into a boy,” said another friend.   As it turned out, the charity boxing black tie dinner was mostly about […]

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ICIS runner in Edinburgh Marathon

ICIS London’s own senior editor, Ed Cox, is back in the office and collecting up all the funds he raised for his local hospital by completing the Edinburgh Marathon. Here he muses on the experience for which he trained mercilessly and in the process shrank to a shadow of his former self …

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Blog Holiday Special: Fund-raising for chemical charities

I’m thinking that this project would make a good fund-raising calendar for a chemically-themed charity. Maybe I will suggest it to my friend Terry at the Solvents Industry Association (SIA, now in conjunction with the CBA) for when they are next raising funds for the solvents abuse charity Re-Solv. It is a pairing of industry-and-charity which some might think teeters precariously on the edge of good taste.

I’m sure it wasn’t only on my table at one distant SIA dinner that some drunken jokester suggested that the industry should be encouraging more solvents abuse rather than less. Not such a laugh.

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Welcome to the big charity Blogathon – Chemicals Confidential

Welcome to the first Chemicals Confidential blog, on the RBI Charity Blogathon today, Monday 24 September 2007. Reed has generously promised to donate £50 to charity for every blogger, and extra for every hit on the blog http://www.icis.com/blogs/icis-chemicals-confidential/ and every comment you post here today, so go ahead and make a comment – it’s all […]

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