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Polymer chemist makes non-stick chewing gum

Chewing gum, yuk. The Blog is not a fan, especially open-mouthed chewing and filthy streets, but now a UK scientist has discovered a way to use polymer chemistry to make chewing gum that will not stick to pavements and shoes.   Prof Terence Cosgrove of Bristol University is listed as one of the Times’ top […]

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A brush with Toothpasteworld

It may be stretching the bounds of legitimate chemical-related stories, but the Blog was mildly amused to read this one about an American dentist who has a record-breaking collection of more than 2,000 different toothpastes from around the world, including whisky, amaretto and champagne flavours.   Not only is Dr Val Kolpakov a dentist and […]

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50 million chemicals

The 50 millionth chemical has been registered on the database of the American Chemical Society. It is “a novel arylmethylidene heterocycle with analgesic properties.” Discoveries are speeding up. It took 33 years for the CAS website to register the 10 millionth compound in 1990.

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Ethanol comes to cat owners’ rescue

ICIS polymers senior editor, Linda Naylor writes about her recent relocation from London to Paris …   The thought of our looming journey between London and Paris with the cat in tow filled me with dread. I imagined hours of endless miaowing and wailing emanating from the cat’s travelling cage in the back of the car, but […]

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More salacious chemical humour

A chemical prankster has sent the Blog this link to what he calls “Chemistry Porn.”

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Chemical to make you feel blue

A food dye known as Brilliant Blue G (BBG) could offer an effective treatment to people with spinal cord injuries, but with the unfortunate side-effect of turning them blue, according to research at the University of Rochester in New York. The chemical was originally derived from coal tar, but is now made from an oil […]

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Chemicals industry marks role in Moon landing

The science of chemistry and the chemical industry supplied many of the materials that made the Apollo 11 mission and, indeed, all space flight, possible – read all about it in this fascinating Insight piece by ICIS editors Nigel Davis, Ben DuBose and Joe Kamalick.   In a roll call of the big chemicals of […]

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Smart clothes will take your photo

Clothes that take photos could soon be helping with the age-old problem of remembering people you meet at conferences.   A US research team has made a smart fabric that can detect the wavelength and direction of light falling on it, and could one day lead to clothes taking photos of everything around the wearer, […]

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Chemical jokes – 28 of them

Never let it be said that chemicals folk don’t have a sense of humour. An industry friend has sent the Blog a few samples from this website devoted to hilarious side-splitting chemistry jokes. After some years in the aromatics business, the Blog’s favourite must be this benzene joke. Q: What is the chemical name of […]

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Things A Chemist Won’t Work With – Thioacetone

It seems that there are things that even a chemist won’t work with. The Blog was intrigued to be sent this blog posting which describes one chemist’s experiences of Thioacetone, a compound which has a smell so strong that it has “people … diving out of windows and vomiting into wastebaskets.”   “It merely stinks. But […]

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