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New entry for periodic table

  A new element will soon be added to the periodic table, according to this article today on BBC news and forwarded to the Blog by ICB reporter, Mark Watts.

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Molecules with Silly Names

Some of the chemical names here are SO cheeky that it is hard to believe they are genuine.   Molecules like Arsole, Bastardane, Unununium, Moronic Acid, Dickite, Fucitol and Windowpane. Can they be for real?   Having checked them with my colleague Alex Nimmo, one of the ICIS resident graduate chemists, I am prepared to accept that the […]

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Anger boils over in Helsinki

Just back from Helsinki from the European Chemicals Agency’s (ECHA) stakeholder day, my colleague Will Beacham tells me that chemical industry delegates were just boiling over with anger at the inaccessibility of the agency, and had set aside 45 minutes for a furious question and answer session on Wednesday.   Click here for Will’s full article […]

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New Kim Jong Il photo at Chemical Plant

A new photo of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, visiting the Namheung Youth Chemical Factory in Anju, north of Pyongyang, was released on Friday by the country’s official news agency. The agency did not state when the photo was taken. (photo Yahoo News)

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PMMA stars on the BBC

The decline of the Asian polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) business has come to the attention of the BBC, and is the subject of this video clip spotted by my colleague Linda on the BBC News website.    

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Ladies still run, despite Charlie’s move to energy

Charlie Shaw, formerly of ICIS pricing, and now covering European gas and power markets for ICIS Heren, finds that his new vocation falls short in terms of turning him into a babe-magnet …   In my petrochemical reporting days, I would find myself trying to reconcile the often contrasting versions of reality offered by producers, […]

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Xperimania – Andy Brice’s chemical online chat

Andy Brice from ICIS Chemical Business (first on the left in photo) was invited to host an online chat for students from 13 secondary schools around Europe on the role of chemicals in everyday life …   On a cold, wintry morning last month, I arrived in Brussels, Belgium, at Cefic‘s headquarters to experience first […]

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Why golf and chemicals go together

The perennial topic of golf and chemicals is given another airing by my colleague Ivan Lerner in our New York office, in a humorous article in this week’s ICIS Chemical Business: “Skip the First 18 Holes.”   He espouses the theory that “the time-honored tradition of petchem deals and camaraderie over nine or 18 holes is […]

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China’s city migrants head for home – goodbye to chemical growth

Every chemical conference I’ve been to for the last ten years has shown graphs of the huge increase in Chinese demand for consumer goods, housing, cars and petrol (gasoline). With the Chinese urban population increasing at a rapid rate and joint venture chemical plants springing up like mushrooms, all graph lines were heading upwards.   […]

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Top 40 Chemical Industry Power Players – the leaders emerge

  All the talk at lunch was about the surge in voting in “The People’s Choice” category for the ICIS Top 40 Chemical Industry Power Players 2008.   Click here to go straight to the site and vote now. You can see the results so far …   At this early stage, there appears to be one clear leader, and […]

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