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Summer jobs for the lucky few

It’s summer, but traditional summer jobs for students are thin on the ground. The recession has put paid to all the seasonal vacancies in shops, hotels and offices. So it was a great stroke of luck when I bumped into a colleague who had a short-term vacancy in her sales support team, and managed to […]

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Koala bears at ICIS

Nel tells me that her daughter had to write a piece for school last week on endangered species, and went to find a nice picture of a koala bear on Google Images. She was astonished to find that the Number One picture of koala bears was from ICIS.com, and on further inspection was from ICIS blogs: here […]

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Plastics guys are human too

Tucked away at the bottom of the new weekly online newsletter from the US plastics industry trade association, SPI’s Inside Edge, I see that they have some links to their own “In the Hopper” blog which has some cutesy chemicals human interest postings which are right up this Blog’s street.   Check out:   “A Chip […]

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Best steak in England

On Saturday night I had the best steak I’ve ever had in England. It was at Harry’s Grill Bar in Exeter, Devon, and it was really up to Texan standards. For proud parents visiting their student offspring at Exeter University (oh yes that’s us), this is just the place to take them for a treat.The […]

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A celebration of new life

It’s Spring, and the petrochemical industry’s thoughts have turned to …. babies. From the fertile loins of the industry come babies in droves. The Blog’s inbox is constantly on the verge of crashing from the weight of baby photo attachments. The new crop is here.                     […]

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The perfect thank you letter

Look at this perfect chemical thank you letter from the Blog’s nephew Matthew. Click here for more Lego interest.

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Alert: Kids in the Office

In the last few days before the holidays, office buildings are strangely full of small children. They are brushed and clean and curiously similar to people you work with, only shorter and cuter and more fresh-faced. In the mornings they are bashful and hiding behind chairs, but by the afternoon they are surfing Facebook and […]

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ICIS Children say Yes to Physics

There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the UK about the lack of students taking sciences, particularly physics. But ICIS offspring are bucking the trend in a truly cavalier fashion. After this summer’s exam successes, we have a total haul of FOUR physics students amongst ICIS children. We have the son of ICIS Houston’s Allison F studying in Colorado, and here in England, the son of ICIS boss Jim M, and the Blog’s own son and Number One Niece. I must ask all these clever teenagers what the statistical probability of that is.

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True confessions: Julia is a 4×4 driver

However, I am a 4×4 driver. Actually, I’m now a non-4×4 driver since the cost of driving has become astronomical.
A Mercedes ML 320 is good-looking beast, drives like a dream and is safe and comfy for my three small children and me.
I can fit all the food shopping in, plus scooters, bikes, buggies, roller blades, and even the husband from time to time. But with the price of gasoline today, even the shortest of journeys has become incredibly costly.

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Protecting our heroes with plastics

These chemical advertisers know how to tug on your heartstrings. The Blog’s eye was caught by this heroic fireman rescuing a cute child with the aid of Bayer’s “high-tech plastic with extremely high break resistance and impact strength (making it) ideal for use in helmet visors.”

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