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Asian Aromatics Webinar – FREE

Wondering how to fill the summer lull (Sommerloch) in the office? Sign up for a free 80-minute webinar on the Asian aromatics market on Tuesday 3 August, in the morning European time, or afternoon Singapore time. The key topics being discussed will be:   The key shifts in the supply and demand balance in Asia’s […]

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Sesame Street gets into Chemistry

Sesame Street characters are used to trick children into enjoying chemistry, in this video preview from the Magic Map Show at Expo 2010 Shanghai. Whatever it takes …  

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Fake Superhero Plastic Toys

Pity the poor children whose mums and dads return from their business trips to China with these fake superhero plastic toys. It’s one thing to bring back fake designer handbags, Rolexes and Mont Blanc pens, but what child is going to be taken in by SPADERMAN? Or SPECIALMAN? Or ROBERTCOP 3?   Customs officers in […]

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Chemicals, football – everything moves East

Premiership football is an international business and an international language. As UK travellers know, even where English isn’t spoken, the names of our top players are known and exalted.   From waiters in Tehran to cab drivers in Shanghai, reciting the names of players along with appropriate hand gestures is what passes for declarations of […]

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Winter draws on – petrochemical thermal vests

The ski season is upon us, and as I unwrap my new zip-locked foil-packed “Heattech” thermals from Uniqlo, my eye is drawn to the seven unique properties of this new hi-tech brand, of which one is: “HEATTECH fibers contain natural amino acids derived from milk protein which make the material smooth and soft to the […]

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Queen misses Bermuda 400th anniversary

Bermuda, favoured retirement location for US chemical folk in the Northeast Chems (NECA) hubs of Philadelphia, NYC and Pittsburgh, and popular ICIS holiday destination for those with anniversaries to celebrate, has been shaken by the Queen’s decision to skip its 400th anniversary celebrations on 28 July, according to this article which I read in old-fashioned […]

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Rabbit Building – Macau Pavilion

The Blog was sure that the proposed Macau Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, in the shape of a jade rabbit lantern, would be made of petrochemical materials, but it appears not. The “Rabbit Building” is made of a “glass membrane, wrapped in fluorescent screens … and constructed out of recycled materials.”

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China’s city migrants head for home – goodbye to chemical growth

Every chemical conference I’ve been to for the last ten years has shown graphs of the huge increase in Chinese demand for consumer goods, housing, cars and petrol (gasoline). With the Chinese urban population increasing at a rapid rate and joint venture chemical plants springing up like mushrooms, all graph lines were heading upwards.   […]

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Made in China

My recent week’s holiday gave me the chance to sit on the sofa and watch the Olympic Games in Beijing and enjoy all those sports we watch only once every four years: judo, archery, canoeing, Greco-Roman wrestling to name but a few. What occurred to me during the media coverage was the naivety towards China and how it’s viewed as a developing, much-to-learn nation.

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More ICIS/Chemease pricing reports on China

Everyone wants to read about China, I tell the 18 Shanghai reporters who are looking to me for guidance on how to write for an international audience. In fact they are already writing for a huge Chinese readership, but now they are going to turn their hand to writing in English about the Chinese domestic chemicals markets which they know so well. Acrylo, oxos and capro are among the new English-language reports ICIS is launching together with its jv partner CBI under the name ICIS/Chemease in May, and that’s why I’m working in our Shanghai office with the editorial team this week.

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