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CoffeeFest at Taj.jpg

The whole world in a cup of coffee

I like this clever shot of the map of the world in a cup of coffee, advertising the Tea Lounge at the Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai – where Neil and I went for a break from the incredible heat of the city the day before last year’s APIC conference.   All the creative credits […]

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Lunch, what lunch?

It seems that my tale of travelling for hours to visit an editorial contract at lunchtime and being greeted with nothing more than a cup of coffee has struck a nerve with others in the petchem industry.   One friend tells me that he went on a recent visit for top level legal discussions, and […]

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Pencil sized plastic bags of milk

A battle is raging in the august columns of the Times today about the benefits of those little pencil-sized plastic bags of milk which are served with coffee on trains, planes and in cafeterias, versus those of the tiny plastic pots of milk which were previously ubiquitous.   Columnist and former Conservative MP Matthew Parris […]

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On perfect Houston office lunches and coffee

When I’m in the ICIS Houston office, one of my favourite places to get lunch is the local Whole Foods Market on Kirby. That is when I’m not queuing up for slabs of beef at the Texas Bar-B-Q or down the nail salon. So I was happy to see that a flagship Whole Foods store had opened last year in London’s Kensington High Street, bringing the organic supermarket brand to the UK, but now I’m not at all surprised to read that the new venture is facing disaster after making a £10 million ($20m) loss in its first year. In these economically straightened times, it was just too classy, too expensive, too big and in the wrong place, with no parking. And while Houston Whole Foods is still thriving, 600 branches of Starbucks are closing down across the US, because they over-estimated how many punters were prepared to pay $2 a cup, and saturated areas with multiple branches.

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