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FoxTrot comics – A huge Lego brick made of Lego bricks

The FoxTrot comic strip, which you have to be American to appreciate, features a strip today on Lego, the perfect petrochemical toy.   The cartoon of a child’s huge Lego brick made of Lego bricks has inspired a stream of comments criticising modern art.   FoxTrot by Bill Amend, a “comic strip with attitude, wit […]

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My Blackberry is not working

Ronnie Corbett is funny in this sketch in a greengrocer’s about his Blackberry and his Apple, and you’ll have a good groan at the gag at the end. Thanks to Julia for spotting this clip from the ”The One Ronnie Xmas Special.”   

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Australian Satire on Oil Spill

A comedy sketch of a politician being interviewed about an oil spill is going around on Thursday. It’s from an Australian satirical TV show in 2007. It’s a bit too long for my taste, but still pretty funny.  

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Eddie Izzard meets ICIS reporter

ICIS reporter Mark Victory’s tale of meeting Eddie Izzard this week fits nicely into the Blog’s long-running series on chemical folk meeting the stars. He writes …   It’s Monday lunchtime in deepest darkest Dagenham, in Essex, UK, and I am shaking the hand of comedy legend Eddie Izzard.  The sun is shining and a […]

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Signs of ageing – Jerusalem in the afternoon

First the policemen look young. Then the teachers look young. Then I notice that my female contemporaries at conferences are wearing low heels or even flats. Now I’ve started to see the attraction of theatre matinee performances.   Coming out of “Jerusalem” – a funny and powerful play which will be picking up all the […]

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Champagne splits signal recession over

If ever there was a place to declare “Recession, what recession?” it’s London‘s West End on a Saturday night.   In Covent Garden, every restaurant is packed. Pub windows disclose drinkers squeezed in like on the rush hour underground. I walk past one pub, the Porterhouse, where people are queuing to get into the cordoned-off […]

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Happy New Year 2010 – Be Something Fantastic

Wishing a Happy New Year to all faithful Blog readers – as we eagerly switch on our screens for this first working day of the first working week of 2010.   In anticipation of a year of abundant petrochemical gossip and trivia, how better to start the day than by downloading some inspirational wallpaper or […]

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EPL Brussels – the gloom lifts

Thursday’s EPL (European Petrochemical Luncheon) meeting in Brussels brought out some mixed views about the outlook for petchems in 2010. For every mention of an upturn, there was a gloomier counterpart. Either way, the December meeting turnout was healthy, with 126 names on the delegate list, which is rather more than at the other 2009 […]

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Bye for Now

    The Blog is in Edinburgh for the Festival and will be back refreshed.

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