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Bus queuing par excellence

I’ve just spent a couple of days in the ICIS Heren office in Holborn, and was very impressed to see a supreme example of Olde English bus queuing at the bus stop outside Waterloo station on both days.   In most parts of London, queuing at bus stops is a ramshackle affair, but the dual […]

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Halloween commuting in Houston

As Halloween madness sweeps America, one scary commuter heads for the ICIS Houston office.

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I am a Shanghai commuter

Nothing beats the daily rush-hour commute on the Shanghai metro for getting the real flavour of working life in the metropolis. From the minute you step into the station – by-passing the teams of workers polishing the ground, the railings, the turnstiles – to when you drop your four yuan coins into the ticket machine, click through the ticket barriers and swarm onto the trains along with hundreds of other office workers, the whole experience is efficient, cool, air-conditioned and above all, to a seasoned London commuter, clean. It’s six stops to Songhong Road, at the western end of Line 2.

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