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The hunt for the iPad 2 leads to Houston

Only a diehard cynic would connect this year’s upturn in European travellers to the two NPRA conferences (oil and chemicals) with the launch of the iPad 2.   Far-fetched you might think, but hark, isn’t that the sound of distant tweeting?   “No sign of an #iPad2 at the Houston Apple store. People were queuing […]

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Perfect Chemical Presents No 5 – the Pocket Projector

The only thing worse than travelling with someone who insists on carrying a full-scale projector around the world is having to carry the projector yourself. The Blog has had its patience tested while waiting for the ICIS training projector to cool down, or waiting for the projector to pass through security.   On one trip […]

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Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars

The second sequel Lego Star Wars computer game is due to hit the shops in February 2011, the Blog reads in the weekend papers.   Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars is a traditional fantasy game starring the characters from Star Wars with an adorable Lego makeover.   Lego, made of bright shiny ABS […]

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iPads versus iPhones (Michael Jackson spoof)

  Traders with their new iPads are everywhere. My first sighting of the petchem trader/iPad combo was at APIC in May.   “It’s a life changer,” another trader tells me this week. Right.   Now that iPhones are commonplace, iPads are still rare enough to have the cool edge.   This video is going round […]

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Geeks versus Nerds – a Venn diagram

Geeks and nerds – I didn’t know there was any difference, but now I’ve been put straight on the matter. Thank you Jonny.   This will be of interest to petchem folk of a scientific or techie background, or those like myself who walk among them.   It seems that the distinctions hinge on the […]

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iPad will blend

Petchem folk who have been showing off their new iPad will be interested to know that … it blends.  

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Palm versus Blackberry – no contest

Does anyone in the chemical industry still have a Palm? There was a year in the mid-1990s when a few traders were showing them around, but now the Blackberry has dominated the petchem landscape.   Palm is struggling to survive, after its first quarter sales of Palm Pre and Palm Pixi were less than half […]

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Finger-powered mobile battery

Battery life is clearly an important selling proposition when it comes to choosing any on-the-move gadget – be it an iPad, a netbook or a mobile phone. Who hasn’t been stuck in an awkward situation as the battery bars dwindled down to nothing, especially in the early days of mobile phones?   Now a cutesy […]

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