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DeWitt cancels pre-NPRA conference, switches online

An announcement on the DeWitt website shows that its usual pre-NPRA conference in Houston in March has been pulled in favour of an on-line event: DeWitt & Company has modified its 34th Annual World Petrochemical Conference. Given that so many companies are deciding to restrict or ban travel during these troubled times, DeWitt has decided to […]

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The biggest ICIS conference of all – Baseoils & Lubricants

    Despite all the doom and gloom in the industry, the ICIS World Baseoils Conference in London last week pulled in hundreds of delegates for our biggest and most global conference of all – with speakers and participants from Asia, Europe and the US, all enjoying the weak pound and some fantastic hotel room […]

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I came across the new concept of “Roomigami” today when I was on the Frankfurter Messe website, looking up possible dates for next year’s ICIS Training seminars. It’s the art of shoe-horning conferences and people into the space available. But how shall we use this new word in a sentence, hmmm ? I know. “We will need all […]

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Drama at Vopak’s “Pit 19″

This video from Vopak, the Dutch petrochemical storage and transport company, was a great hit at their party at last week’s ethanol conference in Paris.   It’s a dramatised version of a customer’s desperate hunt for ethanol storage (rather like the TV series 24 in its pace) but will Vopak’s “Pit 19″ be ready in time ?? […]

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Dubai training seminars

The ICIS conference and training team is back from Dubai after running a Baseoils conference, two training seminars and a joint ICIS/Nexant Middle East Petrochems conference, leaving the city seriously depleted of earrings, pashminas and fake handbags. I hear that everything went smoothly and with a very good turnout at the conferences.   Our event manager […]

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HALO video conferencing – it’s the future for petchems

More hi-tech gadgetry was on display when the Blog visited a major petrochemical company this week for a three-way global video conference. My colleague Peter S and I sat chatting long-distance in a state-of-the-art HALO suite, where the experience was as life-like as having all the members of the global product management team from the three offices in the room together. It made our previous in-house experience of video-conferencing look like the kids’ webcams, and as old hat as black and white TV. If this is the shape of the future, airlines have got a lot to worry about.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a glimpse into the future, the ladies’ restrooms had this very chic hand-drier. It’s called a Dyson Airblade.

It’s good to see where this year’s bumper profits have been spent.

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The lure of a Hawaiian conference

Our Houston pricing editors were enthralled to receive a last-minute press release from BASF inviting them to this week’s World Brewing Congress at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, where the chemicals major would be showcasing some new filtration products.

My colleague Stephen Burns in Houston tells me that despite the short notice, editors were passionately keen to transmute their experience of the subject matter into a Hawaian business trip.

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