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Chemical Consultants – No Going Back

Senior petchem people who join chemical consultants, after a career in the industry, find it hard to get back out of consultancy, a chemicals head-hunter told me on Thursday. They often find that being a consultant is not as rewarding as working in the industry, but the flow from the business into consultancy is generally […]

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The Blog is 2 Years Old

The ICIS Chemicals Confidential blog is two years old today. Like many difficult toddlers hitting the Terrible Twos, it is now moving into the difficult phase for blogs, where many just give up.   So many links to postings on other sites lead to defunct blogs, where the blogger just ran out of enthusiasm after […]

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Digital Video Memo – the talking fridge magnet

On the subject of gadgets, I like the look of the new Digital Video Memo. It’s a small magnetised box with a video camera and microphone. You look into the camera, press record, and it captures a 30-second clip of your message, which can be played back to your colleagues in the office, or family […]

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Smartpen takes over from dictaphone

This is what I need to liven up my conference meetings. The new Livescribe Pulse Smartpen records audio and logs keystrokes as text – then you can retrieve the audio recording by tapping on the section of handwritten notes. Brilliant. It’s the next must-have gadget, and is sure to spread fear and loathing in face-to-face […]

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Samsung Total Office Forest

Greenery abounds at Total’s Seoul office, on the 24th floor of the Samsung Electronics building in Seoul, South Korea.   “That’s a lot of plants for an office space,” says my colleague Joe Chang who visited a few years ago to interview the CEO, and has just spotted this on the company website while researching […]

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Chaos returns

Truly the return to the office from holiday has to be one of the year’s low points. It’s not just the pure volume of email but also the intricate email trails, snaking back and forth with assorted players chipping in. There are always a few token bits of bad news hidden in the midst of […]

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The Post-It Welcome Back From Your Holiday

Returning from holiday to the office is always a wrench, particularly that first morning of getting up early, putting on work clothes and facing a wall of urgent emails. The Blog has received some insider photos from the ICIS Houston office, showing how one returning manager found a few messages waiting for him after being […]

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No flip-flops at the New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has a dress code where women need to wear a long sleeve jacket only if they are wearing full length slacks (trousers), according to an advisory note sent to the Blog’s New York colleagues to prepare them for a visit.   And further to the Blog’s fascination with what […]

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War of the Icons – playing on your PC now

Are you tired of looking at the same old icons on your PC screen? Watch these normally placid icons come to life and wage war on each other. It’s Icon’s War. (Needs sound – but don’t try this in the office.)

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Oil and chemical execs in plane-crash team-building

Oil and chemical company executives are amongst those who are taking part in team-building exercises run by British Airways where they experience a simulated plane crash in a hangar at Heathrow. In a smoke-filled Boeing 737 they fight their way to freedom. The courses are so popular that BA has taken more than 350 bookings […]

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