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Borgen meets petrochemicals

What isthe obvious link between the hit Danish TV series “Borgen” and petrochemicals?Luckily this was not a question in the ICIS Christmas Quiz, which closedyesterday and is still shrouded in mystery. Yes itwas the year of the EPL in Copenhagen. In a year when everyone has gone crazyfor all things Danish – Borgen, The Killing, […]

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High expectations for EPL in Copenhagen

Ahead of the summer EPL in Copenhagen, some canny travellers have been taking advice from local friends.   It seems that the Danish capital has some fantastic food. I’ve just read through this review which Truong has kindly forwarded to me, and was struck by words like “incredible”, “wonderments”, “life-changing”, “absurdly delicious” and my favourite, […]

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Next summer EPL meeting in Copenhagen

The summer EPL for 2011 will be in Copenhagen, the Blog hears from Nel who has the scoop even before it’s on the EPL website.   A quick poll of EPL attendees in the ICIS London office establishes that Copenhagen is an excellent and very popular choice, and certain to attract a large attendance.

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Happy Birthday Legoland

The original Legoland in Denmark celebrated its 42nd anniversary yesterday, according to this article on wired.com, spotted by regular my fellow blogger and regular Wired reader Paul Hodges.   Despite the thrills and spills of the themepark rides at this and other Legolands around the world, it seems that it is still the panoramas of […]

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