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Two Mike Smiths

Since the Blog first came across two John Mitchells at a recent EPCA, the duplicate names have come thick and fast, with two John Richardsons and then two Stuart Goldsmiths.   Then today the existence of two Mike Smiths in the world of petrochemicals has come to light. Even more curious than the other doubles, […]

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New starts for petchem folk

I picked up a few new business cards at EPCA from old friends moving jobs.   Barry Hurley, formerly of BP and INEOS, has now set up a consultancy Barry Hurley Associates.   Joe Duffy, previously with Huntsman and SABIC, has joined DeWitt as Vice President, Ethylene, Propylene and Derivatives, EAME, based in the UK, […]

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On-line conferencing – you can’t beat the real thing

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–When times are hard and travel budgets are cut, conferences struggle to get the delegates. So consultant Dewitts moved its pre-NPRA Houston conference online, and our own Peter Taffe switched his booking from “the top boutique hotel in the US” to listening to the conference papers online.   What was it like, […]

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DeWitt cancels pre-NPRA conference, switches online

An announcement on the DeWitt website shows that its usual pre-NPRA conference in Houston in March has been pulled in favour of an on-line event: DeWitt & Company has modified its 34th Annual World Petrochemical Conference. Given that so many companies are deciding to restrict or ban travel during these troubled times, DeWitt has decided to […]

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