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Dog bites man at chemical conference

On my way back from registration for AFPM in the Grand Hyatt on Saturday afternoon, I run into Bernard who tells me that he is just back from the tropical paradise of Praia do Forte in Brazil, where he was attending the 6th EBDQUIM conference hosted by the Brazilian association of chemical and petrochemical distributors […]

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Top 100 Chemical Distributors 2011

The ICIS global ranking of chemical distributors shows the leaders as Brenntag, Univar, Helm and Nexeo. This week’s ICIS Chemical Business is a special issue with the Top 100 distributors listed by 2010 sales. Plus for the first time, the leaders shown by geographic regions in separate tables.   Click here for the Top 100 […]

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TRADER MOVES: Anneke Duijverman joins Joss

Anneke Duijverman, formerly of Vinmar and Bax, has joined traders Joss in Alkmaar, Netherlands, she emailed to ICIS on 18 March 2011.   She started there on 15 March, managing the Chemicals & Distribution Division, she said.

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Distributors Meeting at La Quinta – Interactive Review

To cover the annual meeting of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) in La Quinta, California, ICIS has put together a digital review, with photos, video and written coverage.   It’s very impressive, especially the video clips, and The Top 100 Distributors. This is the second interactive review that John Baker and his team […]

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Roosmarijn Vandeputte joins Hazel

Roosmarijn Vandeputte, formerly of Oxyde then Noble, has joined trader and distributor Hazel Mercantile Limited. She set up HML Europe BV in April in Amsterdam, she tells me at APIC. Her card shows her title as Director of HML.

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Petrochem Middle East interview at APIC 2010

I’ve just read Mahua’s article on the growth prospects for aromatics in the Middle East and India, together with this upbeat video clip.   “The happy story [about the Middle East] is that volumes are growing, margins are healthy,” said Yogesh Mehta, managing director of distribution company Petrochem, referring to the start up of new […]

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Midnight’s Children – Welcome to Mumbai

MUMBAI (Chemicals Confidential)–Mumbai on my first morning is by no means as chaotic as I’ve been led to expect. My passage through the airport at 1.00 am this morning was no worse than elsewhere, despite it being 30 deg C outside (in the middle of the night!) with no queue at passport control but a […]

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Smart Car prize at distributor NPRA cocktail party

The Blog is very impressed to hear that one US distributor held a prize draw of a gorgeous red Passion Coupe Smart Car at its NPRA cocktail party. Why don’t I get invited to parties like that?   US Chemicals LLC, a chemical distributor based in New Canaan, Connecticut, presented the prize to a lucky man from […]

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Top Chemical Adverts No. 5 – the GEFO babes

The Blog is impressed by the very glossy GEFO adverts in this week’s ICB special distribution issue, particularly the aerial shot of a chemical tanker, the “Schloss Neuschwanstein”, accompanied by a sketch of a long-limbed girl on a swing showing her stocking tops to the slogan “Swing your cargoes from port to port with GEFO tankers.” You just don’t see […]

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