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Dog bites man at chemical conference

On my way back from registration for AFPM in the Grand Hyatt on Saturday afternoon, I run into Bernard who tells me that he is just back from the tropical paradise of Praia do Forte in Brazil, where he was attending the 6th EBDQUIM conference hosted by the Brazilian association of chemical and petrochemical distributors […]

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Dog raincoat boom in Japan

Dog raincoats are in high demand in Japan, in the aftermath of the country’s nuclear disaster, according to articles in the Times and Daily Mail this week.   Sales of the doggy coats, made from nylon or PVC, have soared by as much as 50% compared to a year ago.   Vets have warned that […]

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Give your dog Petrol

Rexam’s annual report has excited some interest in the office today, with the discovery deep in the report of innovative packaging solutions for the world’s first foam liqueur, and even better: “a delicious dog treat beverage.”     First for the foam liqueur, advertised for cocktails as well as after dinner moments. The Rexam report […]

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Dog washing machine launched in Japan

A dog washing machine called the Joyful Honda, which automatically cleans and grooms a dog in 30 minutes for only $10, has been launched in Japan, I spotted in this week’s Private Eye (If you click through here, you can also see a witty cartoon entitled “BP boss reassures world”, which I cannot print here […]

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Bulldog in the Texas bluebonnets

A lot of delegates on the NPRA list already have their out-of-office messages on, saying they’re out of reach on the way to San Antonio via the delights of Houston. The weather forecast covers everything from “isolated thunderstorms” on Friday, to “sunny” and “partly cloudy” on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, then back to “isolated thunderstorms” for Tuesday. […]

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