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Pizza and lubes in New York City

The Blog is very much looking forward to the next Pan-American Base Oils Conference in New York City. The US dollar may still be weak, and the euro ever stronger, but forget iPods, jeans, running shoes, Clinique and Victoria’s Secret. No, this is where I shall be spending my free afternoon. All aboard for the pizza express bus …

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Europeans flock to US for conferences and shopping

Tales abound of European chemical people flocking to the US for conferences and shopping. One US methanol trader tells me with amazement that one of his European colleagues bought 27 shirts last week at the methanol conference in Orlando, Florida. There is no stopping the headlong pursuit of golf clubs and iPods, although one delegate […]

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New York, New York – Tips for Baseoils and NECA

It’s winter in New York City and the snow will be falling, the lights sparkling in the trees, and the ICIS Pan-American Baseoils Conference will return for its regular winter gig in New York City. This year it moves from the New Jersey shoreline overlooking the city back into Manhattan at the New York Marriott […]

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Paul, the Supermodel and that Maserati

Let’s see what my fellow chemicals blogger, Paul Hodges, knows about supermodels and high finance, in this piece in his ICIS blog “Chemicals and the Economy”.

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