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Plant-based plastics on our tables

We read so much about bioplastics, but now they are appearing on our tables. Coca-Cola took out a full page advert in the Times last week to trumpet the launch of its new PlantBottle ™ range in the UK. It consists of 22.5% bio-based material from renewable sources like sugarcane and up to 25% recycled […]

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On conference drinks and exploding cocktails

I first heard someone ordering an “Irish Car Bomb” cocktail in Durty Nellie’s, an american Irish bar in San Antonio, Texas during NPRA a couple of years ago. It was shockingly sobering to have the maimed bodies of Omagh conjured up in casual humour and an unpleasant demonstration that plenty of people still find other […]

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Plastics on Holiday – Scrumpy

Scrumpy is a noxious apple-based alcoholic drink which underpins the shaky economies of Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall in England‘s West Country. On a rain-soaked August morning, we find ourselves running for cover into a remote distillery which is warm and welcoming and full of the comforting aromas of apples and alcohol.   The scrumpy […]

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BP Oil Slick Inspires Tar Ball Shot Cocktail

A bartender in Grand Isle, Louisiana took inspiration from the BP oil slick in the US Gulf to come up with the new Tar Ball Shot cocktail – one part Jagermeister and one part grape Jell-O – and at $2 a shot, it’s the most popular drink on the island.   Jamie Ganucheau, bartender at […]

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Lunch, what lunch?

It seems that my tale of travelling for hours to visit an editorial contract at lunchtime and being greeted with nothing more than a cup of coffee has struck a nerve with others in the petchem industry.   One friend tells me that he went on a recent visit for top level legal discussions, and […]

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Petrochemical Training in Amsterdam

The trip to Amsterdam for the ICIS Training seminars is a journey of two halves. Heathrow Terminal 4 is spacious and empty after its recent refurbishment and before all the airlines move back in. The KLM flight is punctual, and the afternoon on-board snack is a cup of tea and two oatmeal biscuits – frugal, […]

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The chemistry in your champagne bubbles

The champagne was flowing at last night’s Mitsubishi party – Ruinart, as Chris pointed out to me. As guests greeted each other in the fiercely over-heated room with a clink of their glass flutes, little did they think of the chemistry going on under their very noses.   Advances have been made this very week and […]

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Polycarbonate pub glasses strong enough to park a car on

Designers are working on a new safer standard pub glass based on plastic and polycarbonate in response to a rise in violent incidents involving glassware.   The UK‘s Home Office has set a team of designers to work on a pint glass which will be attractive and will not shard on breaking. The unbreakable polycarbonate […]

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Flaming Red, White and Blue Shooter Recipe

  (photo: Anne Marie Helmenstein/About.com:Chemistry)   On the occasion of 4th July, the Blog has found this flaming red, white and blue shooter which is an example of a classic chemistry experiment, the density column, in Anne Marie’s Chemistry Blog on the About.com:Chemistry website.

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why women shouldn

Why women shouldn’t drink – a conference warning

Thank you to the conference friend who has sent me this timely warning to female delegates everywhere.

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