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Ground breaking at the ICIS Heren German office

(photo: Johanna in ICIS Heren Dűsseldorf office)   Ed Cox is in Dűsseldorf as the ICIS Heren office starts work …   “The new office in Dűsseldorf saw some real action on Monday as our reporter Johanna Rűschoff became the first official person to start work there. I came over from London to help get […]

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VIDEO: Live from the ICIS stand at K2010

Experience life on the ICIS stand at the K-fair in Dusseldorf, on the first day of the exhibition. Jamie filmed this slice of life video on Wednesday afternoon, as the ICIS team was hard at work. 

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PHOTOS: K-fair 2010 Dusseldorf

Day One at K2010 in Dusseldorf. The first morning has been crazy busy with all sorts of people dropping by the ICIS stand in Hall 8a – people with lifelong contact with ICIS, people who’ve never heard of us, people who kind of think they’ve heard of us, people who suddenly want to subscribe to […]

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K Special

The K fair comes round once every three years, and I’ve never been before. “You’ll hate it,” a colleague tells me as I’m leaving the office on Monday. It’s huge, it’s noisy, you walk miles to find people, and you’re on your feet all day.   Nevertheless I’m looking forward to it for three main […]

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New recruits for the new ICIS Heren German office

Ed Cox from ICIS Heren in London sets off to Dusseldorf to start recruiting the editorial team for the new German office …   I don’t think my colleagues believe me at the ICIS Heren office when I say how delighted I am that our latest new office is in Germany. If it was in […]

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PHOTOS: New ICIS Heren office in Dusseldorf

The new ICIS Heren office in Dusseldorf is up and running, I hear from my colleague Simon on returning from his first visit.   The new German-based editorial team is going to “improve the quality and quantity of reporting on continental European gas markets and facilitate closer contact with the German energy industry,” says Simon […]

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