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BOOKS: The Fear Index

It is not high art, but Robert Harris’s most recent book, The Fear Index, is well-written and the plot rattles along at a brisk pace. It is just the thing for a long flight if you are interested in trading, markets, algorithms, finance and risk, with a bit of murder, Darwinism and Swiss tourism thrown […]

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JP Morgan explains euro crisis with Lego

Is everyone jumping on the Lego bandwagon? Here JP Morgan illustrates the euro crisis with the use of some cute Lego figures and some blatant national stereotyping.   The Spanish are toreadors, the Germans are men in helmets and the French are artists.   The original graphic is from Michael Cembalest’s research note, buried in […]

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EPCA Budapest speakers announced

The speakers at EPCA have been announced. In a short fast-paced session on Monday 4 October, the speeches and panel discussion will start at 08.00 and be over by 09.30, giving delegates plenty of time to get on with networking and their own private meetings.   The morning business session will include: Jeremy Bentham, Vice […]

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Budgeting for a New Normal: Hodges

I’ve just seen that thousands of readers have downloaded my fellow blogger Paul Hodges’ white paper Budgeting for a New Normal. This triumph has brought in a lot of new readers to the ICIS blogs, and I congratulate Paul on his success. Click through to his blog to download it free.

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Late night Chemicals and the Economy

Economic guru Paul Hodges would never be so vain as to put a photo of himself on his esteemed blog. So for readers who occasionally flip across to Chemicals and the Economy and were concerned that they were taking economic advice from a cartoon character, here he is at the EPCA opening reception, deep in discussion about […]

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