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Raising a wind turbine in Durban

A wind turbine, manufactured from polycarbonate and cited in last week’s Aromatics Conference as part of the petrochemical contribution to sustainable energy, is raised on a beach in a photo reminiscent of the iconic 1945 Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima photo.   Greenpeace activists and volunteers of TckTckTck, a Global Campaign for Climate Action, raise […]

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Volcanic ash cloud strands ICIS editors abroad

The volcanic ash cloud which has closed UK air space has left various ICIS London editors stranded across Europe and the US, kicking their heels and sadly unable to return to work. The Blog’s occasional guest contributor, Ed Cox of ICIS Heren, finds himself stranded in Norway with nothing better to do than to complain […]

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Top Creative Billboard Adverts

Two energy-related adverts were in this listing of The 13 Most Creative and Interesting Billboard Adverts on Monday. The first is a gasoline truck being filled up with Maker’s Mark whisky. The second is for Eskom in South Africa, asking consumers to conserve the country’s short supply of electricity.    photos: Streetlevel.com

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BP’s Tony Hayward predicts crude oil prices

BP’s chief executive Tony Hayward was on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme this morning as I drove through Worcester Park. Apparently he doesn’t often give interviews, so he was given a long slot in which he talked about the need to take global warming seriously, how he was in favour of offshore wind farms, and […]

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Return of the Duracell Bunny

  The Duracell Bunny is back on TV screens, and the Blog is delighted to celebrate the return of this iconic energy-related advert (put the sound on.)  According to Duracell, the “NEW Power Bunny … has the same engaging personality, but is represented in a “herd of bunnies” coming together to form metaphors of power and […]

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Top Chemical Adverts No.8 – Total Upside-Down Ship

There is a rather cerebral advert for Total in the papers today, connecting a half-built pipeline in the desert to a lone oil tanker sailing across a moody seascape. The picture is only really intelligible if you turn the page upside down, playing on the idea of exploration Down Under (Australia) as well as in the […]

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Russian nuclear power beauty contest

Is there anything which sex can’t sell? Apparently not, if this article in today’s Sunday Times is to be believed.   In an eye-catching effort to brighten its image, Russia‘s nuclear power industry has encouraged hundreds of female employees to compete for the title of Miss Atom. Third-placed Alyona Kirsanova, 22, posted photos of herself […]

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Top Chemical Adverts No. 6 – BP at Heathrow

I’ve just seen these BP billboard ads all over London‘s Heathrow airport.   Click here to view the campaign.   It seems that the campaign has also won Greenpeace’s Emerald Paintbrush Award, and that Greenpeace has created its own spoof advert:  

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Bus travel boosts crude supply for petchems

It’s true that in the week I have spent travelling on the X26, the buses have been punctual, clean, empty and have conveyed me faultlessly to my office. It has also been dry, sunny and out of school term-time – all vital factors in determining the quality of the experience. Passengers exiting the bus even thank the driver, something which has not been seen on London buses since I was a child.

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Dry-cleaners go bust on solvents hikes

Dry-cleaners across the US are going out of business at the fastest rate for 40 years due to the recent hikes in prices for perchloroethylene, the cleaning solvent, as well as plastics for garment bags, energy to run the machines, and fuel for their vans, according to this article in today’s Times Online. Not to mention the doubling in the cost of metal coat-hangers, due to the imposition of a tariff on Chinese metal coat-hangers, almost all of which supply American dry-cleaners.

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