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ART: Hockney’s Landscapes

Yorkshire’sglorious green countryside is celebrated in the new Hockney exhibition at London’s Royal Academy. On huge canvasespieced together, he depicts woodland scenes at different times of day, and indifferent seasons. Despitethe heaving throngs in the galleries, and the constraints of a timed slot forthe visit, the David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture” exhibition is bright […]

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Movable Oil Spill – “If It Was My Home”

There’s a website where you can move the Gulf oil spill around the world, so that you can visualise the size of it over a part of the world you recognise. The Times yesterday had it over the whole of southeast England. Here it is over Paris. The website is called “If It Was My […]

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Metaphorically speaking

Listening to a colleague making a presentation to a group of non-native English speakers recently, I pondered on how we use metaphors to an extent which must be impenetrable for anyone with a limited grasp of business English.   In a few minutes of his presentation I jotted down: ·                       The gold standard ·                       Off […]

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Etiquette – the no-lunch lunch

Get up before dawn, taxi to airport, flight to Amsterdam, pick up hire car, drive an hour to the middle of Holland somewhere near Zeist, to arrive at a major manufacturing company for a lunch meeting which consisted of one cheese roll.   Until today, that “lunch meeting” some time in the 1990s was my […]

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Best steak in England

On Saturday night I had the best steak I’ve ever had in England. It was at Harry’s Grill Bar in Exeter, Devon, and it was really up to Texan standards. For proud parents visiting their student offspring at Exeter University (oh yes that’s us), this is just the place to take them for a treat.The […]

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