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Raising a wind turbine in Durban

A wind turbine, manufactured from polycarbonate and cited in last week’s Aromatics Conference as part of the petrochemical contribution to sustainable energy, is raised on a beach in a photo reminiscent of the iconic 1945 Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima photo.   Greenpeace activists and volunteers of TckTckTck, a Global Campaign for Climate Action, raise […]

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Petchems are the good guys – Aromatics Conference 2011

The need to educate the public more about the benefits of petchem products to the environment came up time and again during the Aromatics Conference, both in speakers’ presentations and in questions from the floor.   Answering a question from Piet V, Patrick Thomas said the public’s perception of plastics was dominated by the issue […]

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Nylon pantyhose donated to Gulf oil spill clean-up

You couldn’t make it up. A pantyhose (tights, nylons) manufacturer has donated thousands of pairs of pantyhose to help clean up the BP oil spill in the US Gulf.   Hanesbrands is donating 37,500 pairs of pantyhose to Matter of Trust, a non-profit manufacturer of matting, and another 12,500 pairs to Sunshine and Shores Foundation, to […]

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Keep Oil for Petrochemicals – Porritt

The volcanic ash aviation crisis shows that there are only two ways we should be using oil – in petrochemicals and in jet fuel, said Jonathon Porritt, UK veteran green campaigner in a debate on BBC’s PM programme, I heard on my car radio as I drove home this evening.   Porritt, founder and director […]

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Crossing the Pacific in a Boat Made From Plastic Bottles

A boat made entirely from plastic bottles and recycled waste products is to set sail from San Francisco to Sydney, on a 12,000 nautical mile journey to study the marine environment, according to this article which Blog reader Judith B came across via CNN on Wednesday.   The Plastiki Expedition in April 2010 will include four […]

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House built from recycled plastic

It’s now possible to build a whole house from recycled waste plastic and minerals, according to this article spotted by Linda Naylor in today’s Plastics & Rubber Weekly.   Construction of the affordable low carbon homes is from packaging and manufacturing waste, and each house consumes around 18 tonnes of waste material.   The technology […]

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Shell employees’ personal details leaked

A database of Shell’s staff has found its way onto the internet, including personal details of 170,000 employees and contractors, according to an article in Saturday’s Times.   Shell’s security department is now investigating how the details were emailed to seven non-governmental organisations (NGOs) including Greenpeace, Justice in Nigeria Now and Friends of the Earth. […]

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Nitrile rubber fire hose is red hot fashion

Reclaimed fire hose made from nitrile rubber has become the must have eco-friendly accessory, according to numerous press articles this week and quoted on the Elvis and Kresse website:   “The Fire-Hose range is made exclusively from genuine de-commissioned British fire brigade hoses which, after a distinguished career fighting fires and saving lives, were otherwise […]

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Rhodia’s huge windfall from emission cuts

It’s no laughing matter, but you’ve got to be impressed by Rhodia’s ability to claim €158m in ebidta from certified emission reductions (CERs) in 2008, compared to the €142m in profit from its nylon business.   Rhodia described the gains as “an unexpected boost to cashflow”, according to an article in the Financial Times: “Chemical […]

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Chemical companies stage free jazz concert in Thailand

Polyester producer Teijin is to stage a free jazz concert in Bangkok on 6 December 2009 starring the famous saxophone player, Koh Mr Saxman, the company announced in a press release today, spotted by my fellow blogger Doris.   The concert is expected to attract two to three thousand people, and will reflect the company’s […]

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