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EPCA 2011 Berlin Official Photos

EPCA sent delegates the link to the official photos from the Annual Meeting in October 2011 in Berlin, in an email yesterday. All conference delegates have access to the site. Here the Blog has selected a few shots of our friends … (All copyright on the photos belongs to EPCA.)     

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PHOTOS: Kolmar brunch at EPCA Berlin 2011

It’s good to see the official photos from the Kolmar brunch on the Sunday of EPCA in Berlin, via a photographer’s link which David C has forwarded to Nel today.    The event was again in the Charlottenburg Palace, and that is a beautiful location with very fine food. The Blog has idled away too much […]

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ICIS Interactive Review of EPCA 2011

  ICIS editor John Baker was out and about at EPCA in Berlin, recording video interviews with EPCA president Tom Crotty and EPCA committee members.   You can hear views on sustainable feedstocks and development, Europe’s role in tackling mega-trends, the IYC video that EPCA has just produced and the need for the industry to […]

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Big Brother is spying on us

One delegate was so incensed at having the barcode on his EPCA name badge scanned on entry to every conference event that he cut the barcode off, he told the Blog on Monday afternoon in the ICIS suite.   Having swipe cards tracking your movements within a company is legitimate for security reasons he said, […]

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Berlin cheap and easy

With Berlin bathed in glorious sunshine for four straight days, there wasn’t much for delegates to moan about with regard to the location. Journeys were cheap and easy hotels in any price band were available only a few minutes’ walk away, and getting between the hotels for meetings was a short sunny stroll on the […]

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EPCA Berlin 2011 – Mood of the conference

Buying has slowed down but there won’t be a crash like in 2008. That sums up the mood of the conference. Everyone is watching inventory levels and just buying hand to mouth.   That said, it seems like the highlight of EPCA 2011 in Berlin was Queen Noor’s speech at the luncheon on Tuesday, which […]

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VIDEO: ICIS suite at EPCA 2011 in Berlin

Relive the excitement of Sunday afternoon in the ICIS suite at EPCA 2011 in Berlin.   Our own Stephen Burns took this video of the ICIS team at work welcoming throngs of visitors for the so-called drinks reception, at which no-one drinks anything much apart from coffee and soft drinks.  

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Man in white at EPCA

In a sea of grey suits in the Intercontinental lobby at EPCA, one lone independent dresser was making a fashion statement of his own. Marco H, with the individual style for which the Dutch are famed, was snapped here in the ICIS suite on Monday afternoon.

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EPCA Berlin 2011 – the journey begins

The hottest October days on record in England are forecast for this weekend, with temperatures around 30 deg C (86 F) but forsaking these pleasures I am heading for the airport for the 8.00 flight to Berlin.   Around forty schoolgirls in navy blue sweatshirts marked “Berlin 2011″ are boarding the plane ahead of me, […]

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EPCA 2011 in Berlin: 2,500 delegates in final week

Delegate numbers for EPCA 2011 in Berlin have now reached 2,500 with just a few days to go.   The official number, which the Blog has taken from EPCA today, has exceeded last year’s total of nearly 2,000.   The conference takes place on 1-5 October 2011, and uppermost in delegates’ minds at this late stage will be how to avoid […]

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