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Musical EPL ends the year on high note

The mood was upbeat at last week’s EPL in Brussels, I hear from our returning travellers. The aromatics guys were expecting a good first quarter, and the olefins contingent was pleased that this year had been better than expected, but wary about expectations to improve margins next year.   The guest performer Rick Wakeman put […]

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Istanbul for EPL June 2012

Istanbul will be the venue for the summer EPL in June 2012.   That’s fantastic news for anyone who remembers the last EPL (European Petrochemical Luncheon) in Istanbul, which was at the Ciragan Palace Hotel on the shores of the Bosphorous.   I do hope it’s at the Ciragan Palace again – it was a […]

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Next summer EPL meeting in Copenhagen

The summer EPL for 2011 will be in Copenhagen, the Blog hears from Nel who has the scoop even before it’s on the EPL website.   A quick poll of EPL attendees in the ICIS London office establishes that Copenhagen is an excellent and very popular choice, and certain to attract a large attendance.

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Rick Wakeman to play at December EPL

Rick Wakeman, musician and songwriter, will be the guest performer at the December EPL, the Blog hears from a well-informed source on the EPL committee.   The news has already been greeted with pleasure and amazement by EPL members of a certain age, who remember Wakeman as the keyboardist in 1970s prog rock band Yes. […]

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EPL Prague speaker on Gastrointestinal Disorders

Much hilarity today in the ICIS London office as the email comes round from EPL announcing that the speaker at the dinner will be a consultant surgeon on gastrointestinal disorders.   He is talking about the funny side of being a surgeon, so some EPL-goers are gaily anticipating gags about wind and bowel problems. Expect […]

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Olefins Conference crowd control

I’m in Brussels for the ICIS Olefins Conference yesterday and the EPL today. With the conference sold out two weeks in advance, the place was heaving with people. We had standing room only in the conference room, and almost every seat taken at the lunch yesterday. Afterwards there were lots of compliments for the quality […]

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EPL Brussels – the gloom lifts

Thursday’s EPL (European Petrochemical Luncheon) meeting in Brussels brought out some mixed views about the outlook for petchems in 2010. For every mention of an upturn, there was a gloomier counterpart. Either way, the December meeting turnout was healthy, with 126 names on the delegate list, which is rather more than at the other 2009 […]

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On golf, chemicals and salad

The Blog has often mused on why golf is the sport du moment of the petrochemical industry. Why not football? Why not tennis? Why not flower-arranging?   Football had its brief moment in the spotlight after some eager 5-a-side games at EPL and the infamous annual APLA national team championship where players’ nationalities can be […]

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“Men in Coats” for EPL

“Men in Coats” will be the after-dinner act at the December EPL Xmas dinner in Brussels, an email to members announced today. Remembering previous December EPLs, the Blog’s advice is: 1 Don’t sit near the front. 2 Don’t volunteer to be hypnotised. 3 Don’t offer up your wedding ring for vanishing tricks.

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EPL committee changes

The secretariat of the European Petrochemical Luncheon (EPL) has kindly sent the Blog an update today of the members of the Committee:   -          Mr. Pascal SAUVAIRE from ARKEMA has left the committee since June 2009.   -          Mr. Jean-Francois CHESNEAU from ARKEMA has joined the committee since June 2009 in replacement of Mr. Sauvaire, […]

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