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Sesame Street gets into Chemistry

Sesame Street characters are used to trick children into enjoying chemistry, in this video preview from the Magic Map Show at Expo 2010 Shanghai. Whatever it takes …  

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Supply chain issues on Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day weekend in the UK, and so we had a gathering of all The Mothers, including grandmothers, subverting the idea of Mothering Sunday by going out for our family dinner on Friday.   The dinner had its moments, largely due to the participants having varying degrees of mobility. And it had to […]

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Top Chemical Adverts #9 – Chevron Fighting HIV/AIDS

This full page advert for Chevron was in the FT on Wednesday: “12 reasons to celebrate World AIDS Day.”   The link is to the advert and various videos, of which “Fighting HIV/AIDS” is one.    More Top Chemical Adverts: No. 7 – Sasol rugby No. 6 – BP at Heathrow No. 5 – GEFO […]

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Summer jobs for the lucky few

It’s summer, but traditional summer jobs for students are thin on the ground. The recession has put paid to all the seasonal vacancies in shops, hotels and offices. So it was a great stroke of luck when I bumped into a colleague who had a short-term vacancy in her sales support team, and managed to […]

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Koala bears at ICIS

Nel tells me that her daughter had to write a piece for school last week on endangered species, and went to find a nice picture of a koala bear on Google Images. She was astonished to find that the Number One picture of koala bears was from ICIS.com, and on further inspection was from ICIS blogs: here […]

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spring daffodils in st james

Chemical Rites of Spring

In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. Mine however turn to eating in the garden, so I inveigle my student son into digging out weeds while I do more strategic things with the secateurs. The garden furniture is swabbed down with sudsy chemicals, and the green plastic wheelie-bin is full of […]

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The perfect thank you letter

Look at this perfect chemical thank you letter from the Blog’s nephew Matthew. Click here for more Lego interest.

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