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marco at epca 2011.jpg

Man in white at EPCA

In a sea of grey suits in the Intercontinental lobby at EPCA, one lone independent dresser was making a fashion statement of his own. Marco H, with the individual style for which the Dutch are famed, was snapped here in the ICIS suite on Monday afternoon.

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Pointy boots poised to stamp into Texas

A fashion craze for extra-pointy cowboy boots is sweeping Mexico and picking up a lot of press coverage in the US and Europe. Apparently the men’s pointy boots are great for dancing in, and make the wearers popular with the girls.   The Blog is asking all Houston readers to be on the alert for […]

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My Top 10 Posts of 2010

These were my most read posts of 2010. What does it say about the Blog’s readers? They like movies, toys, travel, fashion, who’s who corporate moves and advance news about who’s attending conferences. No big surprises there.   1 Houston location for Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart – ICIS Chemicals Confidential Why didn’t Houston look […]

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brian atwood platforms.jpg

Six-packs and Victoria’s Secret – festive plastics for the holidays

The admirable “Plastics Make It Possible” campaign has been busy at work in the festive spirit this week. I see that yesterday they were advocating making a decorative snowflake out of 12 plastic six-pack holders.Charming.   And today they report from the Victoria‘s Secret Fashion Show that “models sparkled down the runway in Plastic sequins […]

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Cyclist’s airbag collar inflates to form helmet

Swedish designers have come up with a cycling “collar” which has an airbag hidden inside. In a collision, the Hovding airbag – made from a polymer bag, helium and sensors – inflates around the cyclist’s head to form a helmet, according to an article in the Evening Standard.   All the commentary in the Standard […]

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Spray-on fashion for the ultimate in close fit

A spray-on T-shirt was demonstrated by a Spanish fashion designer in advance of the Science in Style show at Imperial College, London this week, according to an article in the Guardian. The spray consists of short fibres that are mixed into a solvent, allowing it to be sprayed from a can or high-pressure spray gun. The […]

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silly bandz.jpg

Silly Bandz elastic wristbands come to Europe

Petchem parents should be warned that the next US craze to hit their children, after stickers and vampires, is going to be Silly Bandz, colourful elastic wristbands which are selling at the rate of a million packs a week in the US.   Each pack contains 24 rubbery plastic bands, shaped like animals or fish […]

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westwood mini 1.jpg

Vivienne Westwood launches plastic kids’ shoes

Vivienne Westwood, rebellious fashion designer and long-term advocate of plastic women’s footwear, has launched a new range of Croc-style kids’ shoes.   Together with Brazilian footwear brand Melissa, she is selling the Westwood children’s shoe range at a pricey £60 a pair. They’ll be just the thing for the most recent crop of petchem babies […]

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Julia London Marathon 2010.JPG

London Marathon Showcases Chemical Fashion

Julia Meehan of ICIS London took part in the London Marathon, and survived to write a chemical-related article for ICB. Here the Blog brings you an abridged version… To wear and what not to wear is a fashion dilemma faced by most modern working women, but in my wildest dreams I did not imagine that […]

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tights rex.jpg

Nylon pantyhose donated to Gulf oil spill clean-up

You couldn’t make it up. A pantyhose (tights, nylons) manufacturer has donated thousands of pairs of pantyhose to help clean up the BP oil spill in the US Gulf.   Hanesbrands is donating 37,500 pairs of pantyhose to Matter of Trust, a non-profit manufacturer of matting, and another 12,500 pairs to Sunshine and Shores Foundation, to […]

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