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From ICIS Training to Floggers

(Wednesday) I thought it was crazy putting the London ICIS Training on the same day as Floggers, but sure enough the training was a runaway success, so what do I know? For Day Two, the Advanced course, we were sold out, and there was obviously no crossover with the Floggers crowd who were already getting […]

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Male Tummies Succumb to Petchem Mirdles

Appearances can be deceptive, and those slim guys milling around the petchem conference lobby in their Hugo Boss suits may not be everything they seem. Plumper gentlemen are flocking to buy the new “shapewear,” “mirdles” or “undershirts” – girdles reinforced with wonder petrochemical fibres, disguised as T-shirts, according to an article in Saturday’s Times.   […]

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laser eye surgery.jpg

Bright new eyes for NPRA

What’s the hottest new trend amongst NPRA delegates this year? Yes, it’s corrective laser eye surgery.   The Blog has come across three men who have recently ditched their glasses and contact lenses to emerge blinking into the image-conscious new world of improved vision. It’s not an avalanche but in the shinking pool of the Blog’s […]

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Do you mind me wearing jeans Lord M?

The Blog’s Chief Gas Correspondent, Ed Cox of ICIS Heren, has been fraternising with the aristocracy and pondering sartorial issues. He writes:   One thing about working in the Central London office for ICIS Heren is that you can just pop out for a quick press conference at extremely short notice. So when an email […]

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Lights, Camera, Plastic

HOUSTON (Chemicals Confidential)–Doing a spot of late night shopping last night on arriving in Houston, I was struck by this pro-petchem billboard campaign at Old Navy (the value arm of Gap): Lights, Camera, Plastic.   You stand next to some plastic mannequins in the store, “Pose With The Plastic Pros”, get a friend to take […]

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Elvis and Kresse bowling bag.jpg

Nitrile rubber fire hose is red hot fashion

Reclaimed fire hose made from nitrile rubber has become the must have eco-friendly accessory, according to numerous press articles this week and quoted on the Elvis and Kresse website:   “The Fire-Hose range is made exclusively from genuine de-commissioned British fire brigade hoses which, after a distinguished career fighting fires and saving lives, were otherwise […]

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Sandra Bullock’s Plastic Gown at Golden Globes

Sandra Bullock looked divine in a purple plastic Bottega Veneta gown at Monday night’s Golden Globes in Los Angeles, according to a PlasticPossible retweet from my fellow blogger Doris of Green Chemicals fame.   In this red carpet video, Sandra Bullock tells the world that her dress is made of plastic – she’s about two […]

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Atomic Lucite shoes are big for 2010

The fashion team at Refinery 29 – “Independent Style Defined and Refined” – predicts that Lucite acrylic-based accessories will make it big in 2010, according to this article from Plastics Make It Possible.   photos: style.com

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Winter draws on – petrochemical thermal vests

The ski season is upon us, and as I unwrap my new zip-locked foil-packed “Heattech” thermals from Uniqlo, my eye is drawn to the seven unique properties of this new hi-tech brand, of which one is: “HEATTECH fibers contain natural amino acids derived from milk protein which make the material smooth and soft to the […]

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Happy New Year 2010 – Be Something Fantastic

Wishing a Happy New Year to all faithful Blog readers – as we eagerly switch on our screens for this first working day of the first working week of 2010.   In anticipation of a year of abundant petrochemical gossip and trivia, how better to start the day than by downloading some inspirational wallpaper or […]

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