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Combining business and pleasure

The US Customs and Border Protection declaration form asks the question: “The primary purpose of this trip is business: YES/NO.”   Most business travellers find that it is only once in a while that they are able to combine the two. Usually school holidays are the limiting factor, and trips to desirable places rarely coincide […]

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Elephants at New Delhi Fertilizer Seminar

The Fertiliser Association of India 2011 annual seminar took place in New Delhi last week with 1,600 delegates, amongst them ICIS’s Rebecca Clarke …   “It was my first time at the conference and also in India. I managed to get a bit of sightseeing in with a couple of hours in a car around […]

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Cairo protests: AFA Fertilizer Conference cancelled

Film of Cairo protesters on the streets was showing on the TV screens in the ICIS London office as fertilizer editor Mike Nash was getting his papers together on Friday afternoon for the AFA fertilizer conference set for Monday.   He was due to be giving a paper at the Arab Fertilizer Association annual conference […]

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Russian fertilizer billionaire facing “biggest divorce settlement in history”

The wife of a Russian fertilizer tycoon is demanding $6 billion in a divorce settlement which is set to be the largest in history, according to an article in the Daily Mail. The secrecy-loving billionaire made his fortune from the Uralkali potash mining company, and is estimated to be the world’s 79th richest person. He […]

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More San Antonio restaurant advice

The Southwestern Fertilizer Conference in San Antonio came to a close on Tuesday, and as he returned to Europe a delegate writes to the Blog with more top tips for next year’s NPRA …   “If you’re still reviewing restaurants for San Antonio, try Bohanan’s, 219 E Houston St.   Very good indeed. The owner […]

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Dallas Cowboys and Southwestern Fertilizers

What’s the connection between the Dallas Cowboys American football team and fertilizers? It sounds like the beginning of an off-colour joke, but no. Our own Carl Roache has spent the weekend in San Antonio, Texas for the annual Southwestern Fertilizer Conference, and sends this picture to the Blog to show that the conference delegates are not the […]

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ICIS Fertilizer Map Travels The World

An Italian subscriber writes to show a photo of an ICIS/IFA Fertilizer Trade-Flow Map which he found in Qatar on a business trip to a Qafco bagging facility at the beginning of March, after the Nitrogen Syngas conference in Bahrain.   To paraphrase the Carling ad, it seems that ICIS Maps reach the parts that […]

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Arab Fertilizer Association conference in Cairo

If you’re curious about whirling dervishes, it seems that Egypt is the place to see them, and even to become one. Our intrepid fertilizer editors took to the stage at the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) conference in Cairo last week, in an impromptu display of advanced whirling.   Says Antonella Harrison, managing editor of “The […]

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Fertilizer conference in Nick Leeson bolthole

My colleague Steve Mitchell attended the IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference 2009 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, on 8-10 December. He tells me that about 250 delegates attended, mostly from southeast Asia, but the hotel was not easy to get to, which is why Nick Leeson chose it as his bolthole when he had just bankrupted Barings. 

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No-fertilizer heaviest potato found in Lebanon

My colleague Steve Mitchell, expert on all things pertaining to fertilizer, shows me this BBC article on a massive potato grown in Lebanon. “Imagine how large it would’ve been if they had used fertilizer,” he says. Click here for more blog potato information.

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