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Chinese New Year in London

Seafoodhot and sour soup (two bowls), aromatic duck rolls, lobster with ginger onnoodles, wasabi king prawns, fish and asparagus, beef and mango … Dish followedcalorie-laden dish, the wine flowed and the Blog welcomed in the Year of theDragon in a manner which would be a major health risk if continued for morethan one night. Itwas […]

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Top fish and chips in London

Our visitors to London often clamour to be taken for the classic British fish and chips meal. To be clear, it is usually our American or Australian visitors. Our Chinese colleagues tend not to want to repeat the experience.   Until now, the Blog had always recommended the Sea Shell in Marylebone, but since a […]

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Images to remember – Aromatics Conference 2011

At my table at lunch on Wednesday we were discussing a particular slide in a presentation that morning. One delegate said that a year on, that would be the one thing we would remember of the conference.   It is true that visual images have an enduring quality, and that is what makes them so […]

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Basic maths in business life

The lack of basic numeracy in advertising was the topic of outraged conversation on the sidelines of a workshop the Blog attended this morning.   A photo from today’s Metro was being passed round on a colleague’s iPhone to a general sucking of teeth and shaking of heads. Spot the error …  

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Brave new food – durian mooncakes

It is time to give durian fruit another chance. A stall outside the Marriott Singapore on the corner of Orchard Road is selling a variety of mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Festival, and one of them is “Snowskin Mooncake Pure Mao Shan Wang Premium Grade Durian.”   I’m up for that, although not a presentation […]

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New foods #1 – Congee and mini-fruits

Hotel buffet breakfasts are a safe and unthreatening place to try new dishes without risking offence to one’s hosts. So the Blog is proud to have at last tried the traditional Chinese breakfast of congee (gruel-like rice porridge) with marmite-flavoured tofu, pickles and something red and salty.   The Blog is not averse to salty […]

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Gong Xie Fa Cai at the Phoenix Palace

Devouring ten dishes including lobster, crispy seaweed and seabass, the Blog welcomed in the Year of the Rabbit with 50 other friends of China at a business dinner in Baker Street on Monday night. Everyone was supposed to have some connection with China, or at least a liking for big Chinese banquets, and the dress […]

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High expectations for EPL in Copenhagen

Ahead of the summer EPL in Copenhagen, some canny travellers have been taking advice from local friends.   It seems that the Danish capital has some fantastic food. I’ve just read through this review which Truong has kindly forwarded to me, and was struck by words like “incredible”, “wonderments”, “life-changing”, “absurdly delicious” and my favourite, […]

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Culinary adventures in Shanghai

Aside from all the fantastic benefits of ICIS expanding its interest in CBI China – announced this week –  I hope that I will be able to spend more time with my clever, energetic and ever friendly colleagues in Shanghai, maybe even with the C1 editors in Guangzhou.   The culinary highlight of this trip […]

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On Brunch and Brinner

It is the start of the university tem and the Blog and son are on the long drive west with a car full of electronics, physics text books and enough clean clothes for three months.   Exams start on Tuesday so we’ve had an end-year break of admirable studiousness. There has been a lot of […]

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