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Houston Restaurant Reviews

After the Blog’s restaurant review of San Antonio went out to general acclaim, it seemed appropriate to provide petchem travellers to Houston with the same level of service.   Ouisie’s Table (pronounced Weezies) Great southern food with delightful service. It’s buzzy at lunchtime, but quieter in the evening. The deep fried oysters and the assortment of […]

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Heinz Beanz move to plastic jar

Heinz Beanz is launching its Fridge Pack, a plastic jar which contains as much baked beans as two and a half cans and is resealable, so that it can be stored in the fridge for up to five days, according to an article in the 31 July issue of The Grocer.   Heinz is forecasting […]

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More San Antonio restaurant advice

The Southwestern Fertilizer Conference in San Antonio came to a close on Tuesday, and as he returned to Europe a delegate writes to the Blog with more top tips for next year’s NPRA …   “If you’re still reviewing restaurants for San Antonio, try Bohanan’s, 219 E Houston St.   Very good indeed. The owner […]

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Springtime for Chemicals

I’ve been away for a few days of well-timed holiday, basking in the sun of the long-awaited English spring. Meanwhile, a few chemical-related headlines caught my eye …   Chemicals on the iPad I can’t wait to see this. The Times reviewer of the iPad writes: “My favourite app … is The Elements for iPad, […]

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Lunch, what lunch?

It seems that my tale of travelling for hours to visit an editorial contract at lunchtime and being greeted with nothing more than a cup of coffee has struck a nerve with others in the petchem industry.   One friend tells me that he went on a recent visit for top level legal discussions, and […]

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lakeland pineapple corer.jpg

Favourite Plastic Gadget – Pineapple Corer

With the pineapple import season in full swing in the UK, and central American pineapples everywhere on special offer (two for £2), you can dazzle your guests with this crazy pineapple coring gadget which produces a spiral of perfect pineapple without the outer spikes and the fibrous core.   I didn’t know such a thing […]

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Etiquette – the no-lunch lunch

Get up before dawn, taxi to airport, flight to Amsterdam, pick up hire car, drive an hour to the middle of Holland somewhere near Zeist, to arrive at a major manufacturing company for a lunch meeting which consisted of one cheese roll.   Until today, that “lunch meeting” some time in the 1990s was my […]

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wedding cake Rex.jpg

Polystyrene Wedding Cake

I absolutely love this article about a newlywed couple finding out that their wedding cake was made of polystyrene, which Stuart spotted on the BBC news website today. Since everyone is usually too full to manage more sweet food at the end of a wedding reception, and the concept of the cake is more ceremonial […]

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chubasquero-patata manolo toledo.jpg

Raincoats From Potatoes

  Still on the plastic fashion theme, now you can have a stylish hooded poncho made from recycled potatoes. When you’re finished with it, you simply bury it in the ground and seeds contained in the fabric will grow into a new plant, according to an article in yesterday’s Austrian Times. The potato seeds are […]

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baked beans photo Rex.jpg

Consumers fall for little plastic pots’ microwaveability

Microwaveability - is that a word? It seems that you can buy baked beans in little yoghurt pot-style Snap Pots, and while sales of canned foods are plummeting, the most successful products in this retail category are these new little pots. Consumers have fallen in love with their microwaveability, according to an article in this week’s […]

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