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Town Mouse and Country Mouse

The Blog is back from a brief rain-soaked staycation in the West Country. For the Blog’s non-UK readers, I should explain that this is the far south-western tip of England, famed for its golden beaches, surf, rolling green hills covered in patchwork fields, luscious dairy produce, Plymouth (see USA, etc) and good weather.   We […]

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Michelle Obama chooses London chemicals pub

Michelle Obama and her daughters were photographed arriving at London’s Audley pub on Monday, choosing the pub already made famous as the traditional meeting place for Europe’s chemical elite after the annual Floggers Luncheon.    The Blog was delighted to see this recognition of the nation’s pre-eminent chemicals pub, and not only enjoyed the photo spread in the UK’s Daily Mail […]

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Print your business card on meat

Why mess around with old-fashioned paper business cards when you can be chewing on Meat Cards?   Have your contact information seared onto beef jerky by laser beam. It’s environmentally friendly and protein rich.       (Photo Meat Cards)     For more about business cards:   Angry about business cards   Chemical names forever […]

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The road to San Antonio

While the Blog took the simple flight-only route from Europe to NPRA, others took the more scenic Texas road trip, driving from Houston to San Antonio and taking in a few culinary and shopping diversions on the way.   The ICIS news guys from Europe piled into a rental car and drove the back roads […]

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Singing plastic egg

My fellow blogger Tim has spotted this plastic singing egg, which sings out “Killing Me Softly” when your soft-boiled egg is done.

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Best steak in England

On Saturday night I had the best steak I’ve ever had in England. It was at Harry’s Grill Bar in Exeter, Devon, and it was really up to Texan standards. For proud parents visiting their student offspring at Exeter University (oh yes that’s us), this is just the place to take them for a treat.The […]

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Weight gain and business travel

It starts at the airport with the comforting cappuccino and the plateful of dinky little mini-croissants and pains au chocolat, because after all it was such an early start and there wasn’t time for breakfast at home. Then there are the long hours of forced meals and zero exercise on board the plane. Then the […]

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Royal Society of Chemistry pronounces on Yorkshire Pudding

I had the most perfect pub lunch in Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday. It was a “roast beef and Yorkshire pudding wrap” served with horseradish sauce, gravy and traditional fat golden English chips. The Yorkshire pudding was fragrant and delicious, straight from the oven, and the historic Windmill pub had a roaring fire and a rugby international […]

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Business travel and 100 things to eat before you die

Travel broadens the mind, and it certainly puts you in front of food you’ve never seen before. “The Omnivore’s Hundred” is one foodie blogger’s list of 100 things every good omnivore should have tried at least once. I bet the chemical business travellers who read this blog have tried most of them. Can you beat my (current) score of 71 ??

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Ah Lunch!

Ah Lunch!Just what the discerning blogger likes to sit down to at lunchtime. Prima!I bought this very nice meal here.View Larger Map

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