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Photos: EPL in Sofia, Bulgaria

Thanks to everyone at EPL in Sofia who asked why Iwasn’t writing the Blog any more, and expressed regret when I explained that:1) I have given it up and 2) I don’t have the time and 3) I have a proper jobwhich takes up quite a lot of my time … So here we are […]

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Subbuteo back with added plastics

Subbuteowill relaunch in March 2012, bringing the classic table football game to a newgeneration of children, according to an article in the Grocer. Oneof the great improvements in the new game, which features Premiership team tie-upswith Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, is that the little figures are now made offlexible plastic so that they will […]

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WoZela – Recycling Vuvuzelas

WoZela! is an admirable scheme in South Africa to recycle leftover vuvuzelas from this year’s FIFA World Cup, according to a piece the Blog saw on CNN in a hotel room on Friday.   “WoZela – make a difference, not just a noise,” is the slogan of the scheme’s competition.   Winning entries include earrings, […]

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Dallas Cowboys and Southwestern Fertilizers

What’s the connection between the Dallas Cowboys American football team and fertilizers? It sounds like the beginning of an off-colour joke, but no. Our own Carl Roache has spent the weekend in San Antonio, Texas for the annual Southwestern Fertilizer Conference, and sends this picture to the Blog to show that the conference delegates are not the […]

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David Beckham loves Lego

    David Beckham is obsessed with Lego, he told the world in a live interview on Yahoo on 14 July, which I saw quoted in the Sunday Times today. Answering a question about what he would have chosen for a job if he hadn’t been a sports star, he said that he loved drawing and he loved […]

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Cocaine & Acetone-made FIFA World Cup replica seized

A replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy, made of 11 kg cocaine mixed with acetone or gasoline, was seized at the international airport in Colombia, according to an article on CNN.   The 36 cm-tall statue was painted gold with green stripes on the base, but the paint was in such a ‘bad condition’ […]

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Vuvuzela craze boosts plastics demand

The vuvuzela has boosted demand for plastics, and given retailers an unexpected sales boom, according to this article on Sky spotted by Lara.   The constant din at the World Cup games has maddened players and fans, but UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has sold 40,000 of the plastic trumpets at £2 each.   For the pitiful […]

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Sony’s Join the Team football made from Arkema elastomer

Sony is using one of Arkema’s patented elastomers to make extra durable footballs that will be given to African children during the World Cup.   The football is called “Join the Team!”   “The Arkema press release says that the new football has a double barrier, with one made of Pebax Rnew, which makes it 1.6 […]

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Chemicals, football – everything moves East

Premiership football is an international business and an international language. As UK travellers know, even where English isn’t spoken, the names of our top players are known and exalted.   From waiters in Tehran to cab drivers in Shanghai, reciting the names of players along with appropriate hand gestures is what passes for declarations of […]

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PET bottles make Nike’s World Cup shirts

The world’s star footballers at this summer’s World Cup in South Africa will be wearing shirts made of recycled PET.   Nike said on Thursday that nine teams including Brazil, Netherlands and Portugal would be wearing shirts made from recycled polyester from a Taiwanese supplier.   Each shirt would use up to eight plastic bottles, […]

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