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Picturesque Petrol Pumps #1

In a new series of Most Picturesque Petrol Stations (gas stations) of the World, this one on the Istrian coast must be a strong contender. On the shores of the Adriatic, with a backdrop of pines, an old red-roofed hill-side village and the Croatian mountains, it’s going to be hard to beat.    

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PHOTOS: New ICIS Heren office in Dusseldorf

The new ICIS Heren office in Dusseldorf is up and running, I hear from my colleague Simon on returning from his first visit.   The new German-based editorial team is going to “improve the quality and quantity of reporting on continental European gas markets and facilitate closer contact with the German energy industry,” says Simon […]

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BP out of gas joke

Most of the humour going around this week is either off-topic (the England football team, the missing cat) or unsuitable for publication in a corporate blog (plenty of online jibes about the Gulf oil slick), so thanks to Janet for a oil-and-gas related joke from a more benign time …   Click here for “Out […]

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Hugo Chavez tweets about Venezuelan gas platform collapse

The collapse of a natural gas platform in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela was immediately announced by President Hugo Chavez on Twitter.   Despite having previously badmouthed Twitter as a terrorist threat, and having called for more state control over the internet, Chavez has now recruited a team of 200 aides to […]

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Volcanic ash cloud strands ICIS editors abroad

The volcanic ash cloud which has closed UK air space has left various ICIS London editors stranded across Europe and the US, kicking their heels and sadly unable to return to work. The Blog’s occasional guest contributor, Ed Cox of ICIS Heren, finds himself stranded in Norway with nothing better to do than to complain […]

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Do you mind me wearing jeans Lord M?

The Blog’s Chief Gas Correspondent, Ed Cox of ICIS Heren, has been fraternising with the aristocracy and pondering sartorial issues. He writes:   One thing about working in the Central London office for ICIS Heren is that you can just pop out for a quick press conference at extremely short notice. So when an email […]

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BP’s Tony Hayward predicts crude oil prices

BP’s chief executive Tony Hayward was on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme this morning as I drove through Worcester Park. Apparently he doesn’t often give interviews, so he was given a long slot in which he talked about the need to take global warming seriously, how he was in favour of offshore wind farms, and […]

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Ed Cox on Radio Five Live

Knowing that our own Ed Cox from ICIS Heren was being interviewed about gas prices at 8.45 this morning on Radio Five Live, I eventually managed to find the station, tucked away on Medium Wave, on my car radio and listened to Ed answering questions on why gas prices in the UK weren’t coming down, […]

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Ladies still run, despite Charlie’s move to energy

Charlie Shaw, formerly of ICIS pricing, and now covering European gas and power markets for ICIS Heren, finds that his new vocation falls short in terms of turning him into a babe-magnet …   In my petrochemical reporting days, I would find myself trying to reconcile the often contrasting versions of reality offered by producers, […]

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Top Chemical Adverts No. 6 – BP at Heathrow

I’ve just seen these BP billboard ads all over London‘s Heathrow airport.   Click here to view the campaign.   It seems that the campaign has also won Greenpeace’s Emerald Paintbrush Award, and that Greenpeace has created its own spoof advert:  

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