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Rhine water levels: nothing to say

The Rhine is sparkling in the late evening sun as we settle down with a glass of local Weißer Burgunder in the chilly blast of the wind off the river. A few other patrons of Rheinterrassen are already wrapped in furry red blankets on this fine summer’s evening.   That staple of ICIS news, the […]

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Travel nerves – living with the terrorist threat

Passing through Frankfurt airport recently, site of the recent terrorist attack on US troops where two were killed, we were more concerned with finding the exit for Deutsche Bahn (DB), than watching out for signs of danger. In fact it was considerably later that the thought even entered my head.   Living in London, and […]

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TRADER MOVES: Schaefer and Fronzek leave Arpadis

Traders Joachim Schaefer and Bettina Fronzek have left chemical distributor, Arpadis.   An employee at the Arpadis Deutschland office in Essen told an ICIS caller today that they had left.   No news yet on their final destination. One trader said it’s a mystery, no-one knows, while another trader claimed to know.

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Ground breaking at the ICIS Heren German office

(photo: Johanna in ICIS Heren Dűsseldorf office)   Ed Cox is in Dűsseldorf as the ICIS Heren office starts work …   “The new office in Dűsseldorf saw some real action on Monday as our reporter Johanna Rűschoff became the first official person to start work there. I came over from London to help get […]

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K Special

The K fair comes round once every three years, and I’ve never been before. “You’ll hate it,” a colleague tells me as I’m leaving the office on Monday. It’s huge, it’s noisy, you walk miles to find people, and you’re on your feet all day.   Nevertheless I’m looking forward to it for three main […]

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EPCA 2011 – Back to Berlin

EPCA 2011 will be in Berlin from 1 to 5 October, the official handbook from the EPCA confirms.   Berlin is becoming a bit of a petchem hotspot, after the ICIS training and Phenol-Acetone Conference there in June this year, and the imminent European Aromatics Conference there in November. Not to mention EPCA 2009 there. […]

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Terrorist link to bottled water

Seeing a Baader-Meinhof terrorist entering court clutching a PET bottle, in a photo in today’s Independent, reminded the Blog that carrying a plastic bottle around all day has one key advantage: protection from malicious poisoning.   No doubt Ms Verena Becker, formerly of the Red Army Faction (which started as the Baader-Meinhof gang), chose to […]

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New recruits for the new ICIS Heren German office

Ed Cox from ICIS Heren in London sets off to Dusseldorf to start recruiting the editorial team for the new German office …   I don’t think my colleagues believe me at the ICIS Heren office when I say how delighted I am that our latest new office is in Germany. If it was in […]

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PHOTOS: New ICIS Heren office in Dusseldorf

The new ICIS Heren office in Dusseldorf is up and running, I hear from my colleague Simon on returning from his first visit.   The new German-based editorial team is going to “improve the quality and quantity of reporting on continental European gas markets and facilitate closer contact with the German energy industry,” says Simon […]

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ICIS Training Berlin

A few photos from ICIS Training in Berlin. 1 Peter and Nigel join in the breakout session on Day 1 2 Another group hard at work in the breakout session. 3 Preparing the final presentation on the flipchart.

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