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Southwest Chems Spring Golf Outing in Houston

Southwest Chemical Association held its Spring Golf Outing on Monday 2 May 2011 at the Kingwood Country Club, Houston, and ICIS was there to sponsor the bev carts again.   Says Heather: “This is our 9th year to do so. Hundreds of our customers are at this event and everyone knows who ICIS is there!” […]

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Japanese golf hits the rough

Petchem golfers take heed. Golf is still on the rise in the impressively developing economies of China and Vietnam, but in Japan it is most definitely in decline, since it hit a peak in the 1980s and 1990s.   The Nikkei has stopped publishing its monthly Nikkei Golf Index, tracking the average prices of golf […]

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SECA follows on from SWCA and NECA

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–The Southeast Chemicals Association is the newest of the US industry groupings, I hear from my friend Kathy H on Sunday morning at NPRA. It’s news to me, although it’s been going for about five years, following in the footsteps of Southwest Chems and NECA.   The SECA guys meet at the […]

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Jay Cho leaves Interchem Singapore

I’ve just heard from trader Jay Cho that he is leaving Interchem, after five years of service in Houston and Singapore. I am sure we will hear soon where he will resurface.   My best memories of Jay were from the golf days he organised at a chateau near Paris when he was with Samsung. […]

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More Darling Headlines

Just a quick PS, following on from my “The Joy of Headlines” posting on Monday, I couldn’t resist this one in today’s Times: “Oh no Darling! You’ve failed.”   Only the Sun today goes one better, perfectly linking my Headlines and Tiger Woods postings, with its headline today which was read out on Newsnight last […]

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Tiger Woods jokes

Golf being the chosen sport of the petrochemical industry, it would be remiss of the Blog to ignore the biggest golf story of recent times. Here we share a few topical Tiger Woods jokes which I read this morning…   Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree … he couldn’t decide between […]

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On golf, chemicals and salad

The Blog has often mused on why golf is the sport du moment of the petrochemical industry. Why not football? Why not tennis? Why not flower-arranging?   Football had its brief moment in the spotlight after some eager 5-a-side games at EPL and the infamous annual APLA national team championship where players’ nationalities can be […]

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The conference spouse’s programme – is this the end?

Spouses’ programmes at conferences have always been a bit of a mystery to the Blog. In these times of reduced travel budgets and lower attendance at conferences, it is hard to believe that companies are still prepared to pay for delegates to take their partners along too.   And yet from the number of wives […]

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Swine flu stalks the ACC conference

ICIS Houston managing editor Stephen Burns survived the ACC conference, and sends this tale and video …   The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has revealed that an attendee at its annual meeting in Colorado Springs earlier this month had contracted the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu.   “Our information indicates that this individual […]

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Packing our golf bags for Seaview

What everyone loves about the Northeast Chems Association (NECA) Sports Outing is that it is usually three days out of the office playing golf in the sunshine on the glorious rolling greens of the luxury Seaview Marriott hotel at Absecon on the New Jersey coast close to Ocean City.   Regular chemical golfers describe it as their favourite […]

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